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Dreamworks is Making a Rip-Off Little Mermaid Movie

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Dreamworks Animation has just announced their latest movie. The film, Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken, is already causing a stir on the internet. It’s an animated action comedy centered on Ruby, a 16-year-old girl who finds out she’s related to the Kraken Queen and is destined to be the warrior queen of the seven seas. But protecting the ocean from an evil mermaid, or a group of them rather, won’t be easy. The mermaids are fighting her kind for years, and now she must step up and save the day.

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken Possibly Taking Inspiration From The Little Mermaid

The most surprising thing about this film is that the Krakens are the heroes, and the mermaids are bad. This is a new direction we haven’t seen in mainstream media up to this point. Moreover, one of the characters, Chelsea, the evil mermaid, bears a striking resemblance to Ariel from the classic movie, The Little Mermaid. She has the same hair color, style, eyes, and build, but unlike Ariel, Chelsea is popular.

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This has led to speculations that Dreamworks is directly poking fun at Disney by giving Ariel a villain arc. This is especially relevant as the recent live-action Little Mermaid movie received dull reviews. But in Disney’s defense, no matter what Chelsea looked like, comparisons were bound to be made.

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The Mermaid Designs in Teenage Kraken Movie

However, instead of getting bogged down by the similarities, Chelsea’s design feels refreshing, and the rest of the cast’s designs in the trailer are also worth noting. The vibrant, uplifting animation from “Unda da sea—-” is always welcomed. This is a unique, original story that will allow the audience to experience a new world of exciting characters.

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The promotion run for this movie has been small, but the trailer has created quite a buzz among fans. The trailer was spoiler-heavy. However, it’s possible that the movie has engaging content that they can afford to give us a glimpse of what’s coming.

In conclusion, Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken, is set to be a thrilling animated action-comedy. It will have a unique plot and interesting character designs. The movie’s direction is an innovation in mainstream media, leaving fans excited about this new take on mermaid-themed movies. The Little Mermaid may have some competition in the market, but it’s definitely an exciting time for fans of this genre. The movie is set to release on June 30th. Fans can’t wait to experience this new world and its characters for the first time together.

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