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Full Super Mario Bros. Movie LEAKED on Twitter

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Recently, the Super Mario Bros. movie was leaked illegally and millions of Twitter users were able to watch it. The Nintendo game franchise has hit the billion-dollar mark at the box office, making it one of the biggest movies of 2023. The movie, which is an adventure fantasy movie, was released on April 5th but just weeks later, an entire full-length version of the film was uploaded to the social media platform.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Leaked on Twitter

According to a report from The Verge, the Super Mario Bros. movie was posted in two parts – one-hour long and the other remaining half an hour. This is not the first time uploaded videos on Twitter have been a concern for the movie industry. The movie industry has always experienced issues with copyright infringement, and with Twitter’s ongoing saga of video uploads, the situation seems to be getting worse.

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This leak puts the movie studio in question, as the leaked movie could be seen as lost revenue. Potentially millions of dollars could be lost on box office numbers due to the illegal upload of the movie. Will the studio be able to track down these users who have seen the leaked version? And will there be any potential lawsuits coming from the studio? These are two big questions to ask regarding the leak.

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Super Mario Bros. Movie Hits 1 Billion at the Box Office

If there is one silver lining to this story, it is that Super Mario Brothers has hit the billion-dollar mark and become the number one grossing video game movie of 2023. Fans of the game franchise will be pleased to know that a sequel is to be expected in the future. Fans can be excited about the potential of a Nintendo universe and a Super Smash Bros. final event similar to what Marvel did with the Avengers movie franchise.

The video of the leaked movie went viral on Twitter, reportedly garnering more than 9 million views. This is a total loss to the movie industry, and the studio will be trying to find ways of addressing the situation. Twitter has suspended the user who uploaded it. Still, the question is, can the damage be reversed, and how will the studio address the situation?

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Reactions to the Super Mario Movie Twitter Leak

In the meantime, many Twitter users shared their delightful reactions to the ordeal. Some comments were hilarious and show how creative social media users can be. Overall, it is clear that the movie industry continues to face challenges with online copyright infringement. Industry insiders hope that Twitter will take the necessary steps to prevent such events in the future.

As the movie industry keeps taking hits from online piracy, it is unclear what the future holds for big movie franchises. The Super Mario Brothers leak only highlights the need for a more robust solution to online piracy. The impact of online piracy can be felt at all levels, from losing the opportunity to revenue loss. All stakeholders must take responsibility to find a solution for the future of the movie industry.

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