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More Kids Teased In Power Rangers Once and Always

Will The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Be Passing the Torch?

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Power Ranger fans, get ready for some exciting news! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Once and Always Netflix trailer has left fans with hints and Easter Eggs that have inspired much speculation. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next group of Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger kids to join Minh as the next Mighty Morphin team.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Once and Always

Breaking down the trailer, one can root out the hints and Easter Eggs that the fans have spotted. One example is Terra Venture, which was shown on the Bandora Protocol Screen, with reference to the Lost Galaxy Power Rangers. Fans also spotted a symbol on the new modern Command Center, which may refer to the Power Rangers Hyper Force Team, a tabletop RPG web series available on YouTube.

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Fans also noted Robo Rita’s smashed mechanical mask, which leads to speculations that not only was she involved in a fight with the Power Rangers, but that the Machine Empire could also be involved.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Once and Always Trailer Breakdown

One scene depicts the capture of Tommy, Jason, and Kimberly, showing that she had caught the three Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This could be why we only see Billy and Zach calling Rocky and Cat to form the new team. The question remains, can fans expect a Jason or Kimberly cameo?

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One significant speculation among fans involves a scene where Min looks at Zach, calling him “Dad” instead of “She killed my mom.” This scene hints that not only is Min the daughter of Trini, but also Zach.

Are The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Passing The Torch to Their Kids?

In addition, fans are hoping that the Power Ranger powers are passed down to the next generation, similar to the Young Avengers. In the Power Ranger Zeo Christmas special, fans observed an older Tommy and Cat telling stories to their grandson, with another grandson becoming a Power Ranger. Furthermore, in Power Rangers Ninja Steel Dimensions in danger, we see Tommy calling out to his son JJ, who is voiced by a child actor. Tommy is also seen holding hands with Cat at the end of the show, revealing that they are still together. Could JJ be their son?

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Tuari Wright has been cast in Power Rangers Once and Always

Fans have also noted that actor Tuari Wright, who is a 1° Black Belt, has been cast in Power Rangers Once and Always, with an undisclosed role. In a deleted Instagram post, he revealed a picture of himself with the Green Ranger helmet in the background, hinting at the possibility that he may take up the mantle of the Green Ranger.

The comic book JJ Oliver, the son of Tommy and Catherine Hillard Oliver, is an SPD Cadet who morphs into the SPD Green Dragon Ranger. Fans have also noticed the appearance of Adam and Aisha Park, who are training JJ in the SPD. With these Easter eggs, fans are speculating that we may have three young rangers ready to take their parents’ places, including the possibility of the Power Rangers Once and Always continuing with the Rangers’ kids.

In conclusion, while Hasbro is working on another Power Rangers reboot, the Power Rangers Once and Always series is creating a stir among fans with the possibility of new heroes emerging. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Once and Always Netflix trailer certainly leaves us with much to anticipate!

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