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Power Rangers Once and Always Full Story Leaked

Power Rangers Spoilers: Alleged Leaker Shares Plot Details

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Are you ready for some Power Rangers spoilers? Recently, an alleged leaker on Lipstick Alley claimed to have insider information about the plot of an upcoming Power Rangers special. As always, take these rumors with a grain of salt, but let’s dive into what they had to say about what has been leaked in Power Rangers Once and Always.

Lipstick Alley Leaked Zordon Return

One of the most shocking plot points is the return of Zordon, who is revived by the Morphin Masters. Fans may be excited to see Zordon again, but it’s unclear if his resurrection is a good thing. Some fans might believe that this undermines the sacrifice he made when he gave his life to defeat Lord Zedd. However, his resurrection might fit perfectly into the storyline and be a great nostalgic moment for fans.

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Lord Zedd and Robot Rita

The leaked info claims that Lord Zedd will create Robot Rita with the help of Scrapper. Many fans have been speculating about the return of Rita, so fans may be excited to see her return in any form. Additionally, fans have speculated that Lord Zedd might return, but it’s still unclear how he will fit into the plot.

Kim, Tommy, and Jason Missing

In the special, fans can expect to see the trio missing. This leaked information claims that they will be kidnapped by Mecha Rita. Moreover, Kendrix and TJ will also be shrunk down with them. Fans may be curious to see how they will be rescued and how their absence will affect the storyline.

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Leaked Trini’s Tragic Fate

Fans of the original series may be saddened to hear that Trini will die in battle against Mecha Rita. Fans may recall the emotional death of Leia in Star Wars, and a similar fate for Trini may resonate with fans.

Cameos and High-Fives

The leaker claims that the Moon Palace will return, and Trini will teleport there to die. Moreover, fans can expect Aisha and Billy to give the Sabretooth coin to Min. Fans may be excited to learn that Cosmic Fury and Dino Rangers in space will assist Zordon. Lastly, fans can also expect a special cameo with Kim appearing on the viewing globe, and a final scene at the juice bar with the Rangers doing a high-five.

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While these spoilers may not be 100% accurate, fans can’t help but speculate and discuss them. The return of Zordon and Lord Zedd, the inclusion of Robot Rita, and Trini’s tragic fate are certainly some of the most talked-about plot points. Only time will tell if these rumors hold any weight, but fans can still be excited about what the future may bring for Power Rangers.

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