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ROBO RITA Will Take on the Power Rangers in Once And Always

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Fans of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are getting excited about the upcoming movie, Once and Always. A reveal of the official poster has hit the internet, and it looks like Robo Rita is the new villain on the horizon.

The Power Rangers Will Face-off Against Robo Rita

The Rangers are back and ready to take on their old enemy, Rita Repulsa. It seems that in the new movie, a robotic version of her will wreak havoc upon the world. Could this new robot be part of the machine empire from Power Rangers Zeal? It’s possible, as the design of Robo Rita shares some of the machine-like characteristics seen in the old show.

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The original Rita was defeated in Power Rangers in Space. However, thanks to the villains from Dino Fury, the most powerful version of Lord Zed was brought back into the current timeline. It makes sense that if Lord Zed returned, Rita could return as well. This new version of Rita is different from anything we’ve seen before, and we’ll have to wait until the movie’s release to learn more.

The Original Power Rangers Are Returning in Once and Always

The Rangers themselves look like they will come together in Once and Always to face this new challenge. The original team is there, including Billy, Zach, Cat, and Rocky. They will be helped by newcomer Trini Kwan’s daughter, Min. We may even see some other veteran rangers return that they are keeping a secret. It’s clear that they will have their work cut out for them as they take on this new menace.

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Once and Always will be released on Netflix on April 19th. Fans of the series are already gearing up for the movie, asking questions about the new robot Rita and what role she will play in the film.

It is exciting to see the Power Rangers back in action. For many of us, we grew up watching the show and dreaming about fighting alongside the Rangers. Now, we get to see them fighting once again to save the world.

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The Episode May Feature A Lesson About Unity

One thing that sets this version of the Power Rangers apart from others is the lesson it teaches about unity. The Rangers always work together as a team, and they demonstrate the importance of coming together to fight even the most challenging foes.

All in all, Once and Always should be a fantastic addition to the series. Fans are already buzzing with excitement about the new release, and we can’t wait to see what the new movie has in store.

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