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Top 5 Ugliest Power Rangers Costumes in History

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Power Rangers is a beloved franchise that has captured the hearts of millions across generations. The costumes worn by the iconic Rangers have always been a major element of the show. Behind every series, there is a dedicated team of designers responsible for creating each costume. While not every design has been a winner, there have been some truly awful ones. In this article, we will explore the top 5 ugliest Power Rangers costumes to have ever been showcased on screen.

1. Beast Morphers

Let’s start with the Beast Morphers team, who almost didn’t make it onto our list. We give credit to the designers for trying something different, but unfortunately, they failed in their attempt. The suits resemble something Spider-Man would wear if he didn’t have an official costume and had to put on the first coat he found, along with his mother’s belt. The gold and silver Rangers have slightly different and better costumes than the other rangers, but the shoulder pads make the entire team look like they are going to school. The texture of the fabric makes the suits look like regular clothes instead of costumes.

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2. In Space

Next up, we have In Space. While this is an iconic series, the costumes were a complete disaster. The squares on the chest were meant to give the suits a future or space-style, but instead, they look like they were taken from an old video game. The center of the belt has a design similar to letter mailing envelopes, and the supposed gold color doesn’t match anything on the costume. The Yellow Part near the neck doesn’t help the design either. The original suit is a clear example of overdoing it when it comes to being generic.

3. Lost Galaxy

As we move on, we have Lost Galaxy, a season that proved that sometimes, the previous season’s costume designers can ruin everything. The white part of the chest ends before it reaches the waist, as if they ran out of white fabric. The black line going from top to bottom, forming some triangles on the white parts, looks like it was drawn by a bored designer with their eyes closed. The design is so bad that it is hard to believe that everyone agreed to it.

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4. Lightspeed Rescue

Light Speed Rescue is another series with poor costume design. The design of the Rangers’ chest looks like a circus tent, and the Red Ranger’s suit is reminiscent of a bag of popcorn. While the subject matter may be difficult to bring to the design elements and transform it into something real, the final product is a complete failure.

Time Force is one of the most brutally simple costumes we have seen. While simple doesn’t always have to be bad, in this case, it was. The chest design is one of the worst, with arrows pointing down, the helmet visor being the same color as the suit, and silver-colored parts on the boots and forearms that look hideous.

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5. Operation Overdrive

Finally, we have Operation Overdrive, the season where the designers wanted to express their hatred for the franchise. While the regular team’s suits are not super ugly, the logo for the season is one of the worst ever created. The suits were based only on dividing the color with a white part in the center of the body and under the arms, with a silver color for the boots, gloves, and shoulders. The lines and silver parts made them look like old metal parts you’d find in a dumpster.

The Silver Ranger from Operation Overdrive takes the award for the ugliest costume in Power Rangers history. The suit is a mess, resembling someone’s gym clothes wrapped in aluminum foil, with a color scheme of silver blue orange black white and red.

In conclusion, Power Rangers costumes play an essential role in the success of the franchise. While some designers have done an exceptional job, others have failed miserably. The top five ugliest costumes in Power Rangers history are a testament to the fact that even iconic franchise can have their fair share of fashion failures.

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