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5 Must-Watch TV Shows Similar to Succession If You’re Craving More Roy Family

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Succession’s approach to wealth and family dynamics has made it one of the best series in recent memory. If you’re looking for similar shows that can scratch the same itch, here are some recommendations.

5 Must-Watch TV Shows Similar to Succession

Billions, a popular series with six seasons under its belt, follows the high-stakes world of high finance as hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod and United States Attorney Chuck Rhoades outmaneuver each other. With an impressive cast including Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis, and Malin Åkerman, if you enjoyed the verbal sparring between rich and powerful characters in Succession, Billions is for you.

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The Good Fight, originally a spin-off of The Good Wife, explores relevant topics from the perspective of Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart. After losing her finances, Lockhart and her goddaughter start over at a major Black law firm, tackling modern issues and politics that parallel those in Succession.

Arrested Development is one of the funniest shows ever made, following a dysfunctional rich real estate family. While the fourth and fifth seasons had their flaws, the series as a whole stands as peak TV comedy. If Succession went full-on humor and you love hidden jokes and gags, Arrested Development is a must-watch.

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Yellowstone exploded with popularity, leading to prequels, spin-offs, and merchandise. The series follows the powerful Dutton family as they clash while presiding over the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. If intense family drama within a powerful family drew you to Succession, Yellowstone will keep you hooked.

Shameless is an intense depiction of a dysfunctional family, addiction, and the working class. Following the Gallagher family led by patriarch Frank Gallagher, this series ran for 11 seasons and received critical acclaim. With an award-winning performance by Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher, Shameless is a must-watch for fans of complex family dynamics.

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These series offer a glimpse into the world of wealth, power, and family dynamics similar to what Succession has portrayed. Whether it’s the high-stakes world of finance, exploring modern issues and politics, outrageous comedy, intense family drama, or a combination of it all, these shows will scratch the itch left by Succession’s finale.

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