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Barbarian Movie Secretly Sets Up A Sequel

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If you were listening closely to the dialog in the new Barbarian movie everyone is talking about, you will have noticed a scene that secretly sets up a sequel to the horror hit film.

Barbarian Box Office Results

The year 2022 has been the year for Horror films! These films are enjoying their moment at the box office. With Terrifier 2 becoming a word-of-mouth blockbuster and Smile approaching $100 million in the United States, the horror category is on the rise.

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This recent upswing began a few weeks ago with the surprise success Barbarian, which took $40 million from a projected $4.5 million budget. Few people had heard of it before it was shown in US theaters, but after you’ve seen it, you won’t be able to stop talking about it.

Barbarian is perhaps the most unique of the three horror successes, as well as the most difficult to discuss. The delight of the film is how it consistently surprises the spectator, giving bold swing after audacious swing. It would still be a fantastic horror film if you knew what was about to happen, but it would kill the enjoyment.

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How Barbarian Movie Secretly Sets Up A Sequel

I’m sure you’re wondering how the Barbarian Movie secretly sets up a sequel film. In the scene where Tess escapes the monstrous looking monster though the basement window, a man pulls her out. The same man she was running from when she was returning to the house earlier in the movie. Surprisingly, the lines the man delivers in this scene could easily set up a sequel to the film to explore other possible dangers hiding beneath the house.

“You listen to me. You’re safe. You got out. You should count yourself as lucky, you hear me? You should have never went in that house to begin with. That’s a bad place. She ain’t even the worse thing that’s in there. Listen, you need to worry about you.”

Jaymes Butler – “Andre”

Because we haven’t seen any other person within the halls beneath other than the old man, (who we can all agree was not a threat), there may be more to explore in future Barbarian films. We will have to wait and see.

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Will We Be Getting A Barbarian 2

Unfortunately, Barbarian director Zach Cregger doubts the horror film will ever receive a follow-up.

“So there’s a big twist around the 40-minute mark and I always eagerly wait for that moment. It’s my favorite moment. Barbarian 2, not for me. Not gonna happen from me. Never say never, I could have an amazing idea tomorrow and be off to the races, but I doubt it.”

About the Barbarian prequel, Cregger told The Hollywood Reporter:

“I don’t think I’m necessarily interested in a prequel right now. I think it would have to tell the story of Frank [Richard Brake], and I’m personally not interested in making a movie about a man who abducts women. I’m more than happy to have that be the setting for another story like Barbarian is, but I don’t want to watch that guy for an hour and a half. I could be thinking about it all wrong. Maybe I’ll change my tune, but at the moment, no. There’s a sequel I joke about that I would love to watch, which would be The Mother surviving her gunshot and having to integrate into society. She could attend community college and get her learner’s permit and get a Tinder profile. That would be fun. I’d watch that movie. I don’t know if I’d make it, but I’d love to see it.”

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