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The Transformation of All the Cullen into Vampires

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The Twilight Saga is a series that delves into the vampire backstories of the Cullen family, also known as the Olympic coven. The Cullens are unique “vegetarian” vampires who choose to feed on animals and save human lives whenever possible. Each member of the Cullen family has a unique and often tragic backstory, revealing how they were turned into vampires and their motivations for their actions throughout the series.

Transformation of Cullen

The oldest member of the Cullen family is Carlisle Cullen, who was born in 1640 in London. His father was a leader of a group that sought out and killed people they believed were evil, including witches, werewolves, and vampires. Carlisle took over leading these raids, but he never fully agreed with their actions. During one of these attacks against a group of real vampires, Carlisle was bitten and left for dead. After hiding for three days, he discovered he had become a vampire. Determined to only drink animal blood, Carlisle traveled the world before settling in the United States and becoming a doctor. He formed the Cullens and turned Edward, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett into vampires.

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Edward Cullen, born in 1901, was dying from the Spanish Influenza when Carlisle, who was treating him, turned him into a vampire to save his life. Edward inherited the Masen family fortune and accumulated wealth throughout his long life. Esme Cullen was born in 1895 and was forced into an abusive marriage before running away and attempting suicide. She was saved by Carlisle, who turned her into a vampire.

Rosalie Hale, born in 1915, was sexually assaulted and beaten by her fiancée and his friends before being saved by Carlisle. She exercised self-control as a new vampire and refused to drink the blood of her abusers. Emmett Cullen, born in 1915, was attacked by a black bear and saved by Rosalie, who carried him back to Carlisle to be turned into a vampire.

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Alice Brandon, born in 1901, had premonitions and was believed to be a witch. After her mother’s murder, she was committed to an asylum where she befriended a vampire doctor. Alice had a vision that a tracker named James was looking for her, so her friend turned her into a vampire to protect her. She later met Jasper, and they joined the Cullens in 1950.

Jasper Hale was turned into a vampire by Maria, who wanted him to lead an army of young vampires in the Southern Vampire Wars. He worked with her until 1938 when he ran away and met Alice. They joined the Cullens together.

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Bella Swan, the main protagonist of the series, is turned into a vampire in the fourth book and movie, Breaking Dawn. Bella was born in 1987 and moved to Forks to live with her dad at the age of 17. After marrying Edward and giving birth to their daughter Renesmee, Bella is turned into a vampire by Edward injecting her heart with his venom.

The vampire backstories in The Twilight Saga provide a deeper understanding of each character’s motivations and history. These backstories are explored more fully in the books than in the movies and offer insight into the complex world of vampires in the series.

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