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A Powerful Examination of Social Issues: ‘RUB’ by Christopher Fox

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Christopher Fox’s “RUB” is a powerful and daring exploration of important social issues that society often shies away from. In this gripping crime thriller, Fox fearlessly delves into the realms of incel culture, sex work, and the profound importance of empathy and understanding for marginalized groups.

The film is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and promises to be more than just a cinematic experience. It aims to initiate meaningful conversations and foster greater compassion within society. Shaked Berenson, CEO of Entertainment Squad, acknowledges the film’s significance, saying, “By exploring incel culture and behavior and the realities of sex work, Fox’s ‘RUB’ ultimately promotes empathy and understanding toward this stigmatized group.”

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You Will Be Challenged Watching This Crime Thriller

“RUB” does not merely entertain; it challenges viewers to confront their own biases and preconceptions. It offers a unique opportunity to walk in the shoes of its characters and gain a deeper understanding of their struggles. The film’s ability to shed light on these often-taboo topics is a testament to Christopher Fox’s commitment to thought-provoking storytelling.

Entertainment Squad, known for its previous releases like Lili Taylor’s mental-health comedy/drama “PAPER SPIDERS” and the Tribeca Audience Award-winner “CHERRY,” continues to champion films that provide unique perspectives and challenge societal norms. Their acquisition of “RUB” further solidifies their dedication to providing a platform for socially relevant storytelling.

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