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Jon Bernthal Reflects on Being Killed off “The Walking Dead”

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Jon Bernthal, known for his iconic portrayal of Shane Walsh on “The Walking Dead,” recently reflected on his time on the hit television show. Bernthal’s character was famously killed off not once, but twice, and while some may view this as a negative experience, Bernthal sees it as a gift.

Bernthal Embraces Being Killed Off Show as Chance for Growth and New Opportunities

Bernthal acknowledges that many people may have wanted to stay on the show for ten or eleven years, but he sees being killed off as an opportunity to showcase different sides of himself. He notes that in his own life, there have been times where he felt like something was over or he had screwed up, but later realized it was the greatest thing that could have happened to him at that moment.

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Reflecting on his departure from “The Walking Dead,” Bernthal remembers feeling sorry for himself as he watched the crew shoot a scene without him. However, he also felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunity to play a character with a real beginning, middle, and end, and to have worked with lifelong friends who taught him how to be an artist, father, and husband.

Bernthal Reflects on His Experience on “The Walking Dead” and Finding Opportunity in Setbacks

Bernthal also recalls how he would have handled the situation differently if he had the chance. He jokes about screaming at the crew and doing donuts in his truck, but ultimately acknowledges that feeling a second of pain or wondering is okay. Looking back, he realizes that doing “The Walking Dead” was the best thing that ever happened to him in his career, and being killed off was the best thing that ever happened to him as well.

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In the end, Jon Bernthal’s experience on “The Walking Dead” serves as a reminder that sometimes the end of one thing is just the beginning of something even better. Bernthal’s willingness to embrace change and see the positive in difficult situations is something we can all learn from.

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