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10 Easter Eggs and Key Details from Episode 4 of Ahsoka in Star Wars that May Have Escaped Your Notice

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In Ahsoka Episode 4, viewers are treated to several Star Wars Easter eggs and references. The episode is filled with action-packed duels and a fateful final confrontation with Baylan. It also features stunning character moments and a twist that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Here are some of the important Easter eggs and references in this episode.

10 Easter Eggs and Key from Episode 4 of Ahsoka

The episode sees the iconic X-wings of the New Republic as Hera Syndulla goes rogue and jets off in the Ghost with a flight of X-wings led by Carson Teva. This cameo is cool, but it does raise questions about the timeline of the episode.

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It is revealed that Hera is Phoenix Leader, which is a reference to her role in Star Wars Rebels. It’s a nice nod to the heritage and history of the character.

The concept of a void between galaxies is introduced in this episode, which was established in Legends. Navigating in the void is extremely hazardous.

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The true nature of Marrok, who has been a subject of intense speculation, is finally revealed when Ahsoka kills him. It is suggested that he is a Nightbrother from Dathomir whose body has been reanimated by Morgan Elsbeth, a Nightsister of Dathomir.

Baylan uses Force empathy to manipulate Sabine, showcasing a subtle use of the Force.

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Sabine’s family is revealed to have died during the Purge of Mandalore, adding intrigue to her backstory. Baylan hints that she warned Ahsoka about the fall of Mandalore, but her master chose not to intervene.

Shin uses Darth Vader’s signature Force choke on Sabine, showing the darkness within her character.

The hyperspace jump by the Eye of Sion is a nod to Star Wars: The Last Jedi and hints at the idea of hyperspace being weaponized.

Ahsoka awakens in the World Between Worlds, a mysterious realm introduced in Star Wars Rebels that transcends time and space. This hints at the idea that Ahsoka may have been killed.

Anakin Skywalker’s Force ghost returns in Ahsoka and is played by Hayden Christensen. This supports the theory that the World Between Worlds is a netherworld of the Force.

The episode ends with the Darth Vader theme, which is odd considering Anakin’s redemption. This Easter egg may be a hint that all is not well in this vision.

Overall, Ahsoka Episode 4 is filled with exciting Easter eggs and references that add depth and intrigue to the Star Wars universe. Viewers will have to wait for the next episode directed by Dave Filoni, but this episode sets the stage for thrilling future developments.

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