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10 Key Insights Avengers 5 Can Gain from the Original Avengers Movie

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The upcoming Avengers movie could learn some important lessons from the 2012 film The Avengers. One lesson is that tension between the Avengers should be embraced. The natural tension between heroes who are used to working alone adds realism to the chemistry of the cast and showcases conflicting ideas and ideals. This could greatly benefit Avengers 5.

Avengers 5 Can Gain from the Original Avengers

Personal stakes are also important for the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In The Avengers, the team only comes together after the death of Phil Coulson, highlighting the importance of personal and emotional connections. Adding emotional depth to the narrative helps ground even the most outlandish storylines.

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The use of real-world settings is another lesson that the upcoming Avengers films could learn from The Avengers. The Battle of New York, which takes place in a real-world location, had a lasting impact on the MCU and helped the audience connect with the story. Real-world settings imply plausibility and contribute to the success of the film.

The delicate balance between humor and emotion is also a strength of The Avengers that should be maintained in future Avengers films. The Avengers successfully blended comedy with gravity, making it one of the franchise’s most serious yet funniest movies. Rediscovering this balance would be perfect for Avengers 5.

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Avengers 5 does not need to start or end specific hero arcs. The original Avengers movie focused on the formation of the team without introducing or killing off major heroes. This idea should be re-established, as subsequent movies have introduced new Avengers or marked endings for specific heroes. Avengers 5 should focus on the team as a whole rather than individual heroes.

Nick Fury should have a bigger role in Avengers 5. He was instrumental in forming the team in The Avengers but has been absent in subsequent films. His continued role in the franchise makes him the best candidate to guide a new team of Avengers.

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Balancing the powers of the heroes is key, as demonstrated in The Avengers. The heroes in the Battle of New York used their powers and abilities to work as a team. This should be replicated in Avengers 5.

Sometimes, less is more. The Avengers had a smaller roster of heroes compared to subsequent movies, allowing each hero a reasonable amount of attention and screen time. Having a smaller roster in Avengers 5 would allow for better-defined roles and integral contributions to the story.

The focus should stay on the team, not individual heroes. The Avengers focused on the team as a whole, which balanced and cohesive plot. Avengers 5 should keep the focus on the collective potential of the team.

Not every Avengers story needs to directly adapt the comics. The Avengers borrowed ideas from different Marvel stories, creating an original and fresh storyline that furthered the overall narrative arc of the franchise. Avengers 5 could combine the essence of multiple comic stories while introducing new and exciting ideas into the MCU.

In conclusion, Avengers 5 could benefit from embracing tension between the Avengers, incorporating personal stakes for the heroes, using real-world settings, balancing humor with emotion, not necessarily starting or ending specific hero arcs, giving Nick Fury a bigger role, balancing the powers of the heroes, sometimes featuring a smaller roster, focusing on the team as a whole, and not directly adapting the comics for every story. These lessons from The Avengers could contribute to the success of future Avengers films.

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