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10 Marvel Characters Who Could Appear as the Villain in Thor 5

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Director Taika Waititi suggests that the potential Thor 5 film needs a more powerful villain than Hela to showcase Thor’s evolution and create a new tone for the film. Some potential villains that could be introduced in Thor 5 include Hercules, Ulik, Mangog, Ares, Black Winter, Grog, Absorbing Man, Nobilus, Zarrko, and Mephisto.

Potential Villains For Thor 5

Hercules, who was introduced in the mid-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder, could be a clear villain for Thor 5, setting up a mission of vengeance against Thor. Ulik, a powerful Rock Troll, could also be a formidable and psychologically terrifying villain to introduce to the MCU.

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Mangog, a physical manifestation of the hatred of a billion beings, could prove to be a physically unstoppable opponent for Thor. Ares, the God of War in Greek mythology, could be a more villainous deity than Hela and create interesting dynamics with Hercules, his brother.

Black Winter, a universe-devouring being, could pose a threat not only to Thor but to the entire universe. Grog, a follower of the Egyptian God of Death, Seth, could be a powerful adversary for Thor and could potentially introduce Thor’s brother, Balder.

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Absorbing Man, with the ability to absorb the properties of anything he touches, could be a constant threat to Thor. Nobilus, created by the High Evolutionary using Thor’s hair and a blood sample, could have abilities similar to Thor’s but with Loki’s personality. Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man, a time traveler from the 23rd Century, could be a great addition to the MCU’s Multiverse Saga.

Finally, Mephisto, a notorious villain who poses a threat to all of Marvel’s heroes, could also be a potential antagonist for Thor in Thor 5.

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While Thor 5 has not yet been confirmed by Marvel Studios, speculation is rising, especially considering Chris Hemsworth’s return as Thor. The potential film could explore new storylines, create a new tone, and introduce powerful villains from the Marvel Comics. These villains could not only add depth to Thor’s adventures but also connect to larger Marvel storylines and the overall MCU narrative.

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