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Breaking the MCU Villain Trend: Marvel’s Next Major Villain Rises

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Galactus, the world-eating villain, has the potential to break the trend of complex and morally ambiguous MCU villains. Unlike many other villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Galactus lacks nuance and motivation, making him a true and irresistible threat that cannot be reasoned with or negotiated. The Fantastic Four’s triumph over Galactus would serve as a fitting introduction to the MCU and showcase their ability to overcome an excessively powerful adversary.

Marvel’s Next Major Villain Rises

Galactus, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, first appeared in 1966’s The Fantastic Four #48. Lee and Kirby wanted to avoid the trope of another supervillain who simply wanted to conquer the Earth. Instead, they made Galactus a god-like figure with no morality, driven solely by his insatiable hunger. Although Galactus’ immense size and initially mute status pose logistical challenges for the MCU, his specificity as a threat to Earth breaks away from Marvel’s usual villain formula.

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The MCU has been known for its portrayal of complex villains who challenge traditional ideas of morality. Characters like Loki, Thanos, Zemo, Killmonger, Ego, the High Evolutionary, and Scarlet Witch have complicated backstories that explain their villainous actions. While this approach adds depth to their stories, it can also lead to predictability and a lack of surprise for audiences. The MCU would benefit from a departure from the notion that every villain needs a personal reason for their actions.

Recent MCU villains like the Flag Smashers, the Clandestines, and the Skrulls in Secret Invasion have all rebelled against the world order for their own preservation. While this could have added depth to their characters, these villains have been seen as underwhelming. Galactus, with his disregard for morality and refusal to engage in moral discussions, presents a refreshing change for the MCU.

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When Galactus eventually arrives in the MCU, he should not be presented as sympathetic or nuanced. Instead, he should be portrayed as a force of nature, incapable of being reasoned with or understood. Galactus’ lack of weakness and his sole motivation of consuming planets make him a true and formidable threat. Unlike villains who can be negotiated with, Galactus’ evil does not come into question – he is simply a terrifying presence that cannot be ignored.

Galactus’ arrival in the MCU would shake up the established villain formula. Previously, the portrayal of Galactus as a cloud of gas in “Rise of the Silver Surfer” was widely criticized. However, the potential for the Fantastic Four to overcome such an overpowering villain would serve as a strong introduction for the superhero team and highlight their abilities to defeat even the most formidable opponents.

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In conclusion, the addition of Galactus as a villain in the MCU would break the trend of morally complex villains and provide a refreshing and unapologetic threat. The Fantastic Four’s triumph over Galactus would serve as a fitting way to introduce the superhero team to the MCU and demonstrate their ability to overcome powerful adversaries.

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