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Dave Filoni’s Excitement Knows No Bounds When He Spots Ahsoka Merch

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Dave Filoni’s excitement over seeing merchandise of his Star Wars character Ahsoka is pure and wholesome. Filoni, who created Ahsoka for the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and later brought her to live-action in The Mandalorian, will now be giving her her own series. In a video shared by Star Wars, Filoni is seen reacting to brand-new Ahsoka merchandise for the first time, including an action figure of Ahsoka and a talking recreation of the droid Chopper. Jon Favreau, Filoni’s Mandalorian partner, watches Filoni’s reaction and asks him if it feels real. Filoni’s genuine joy in seeing his characters come to life is heartwarming.

Dave Filoni’s Excitement Knows No Bounds When He Spots Ahsoka

The release of Ahsoka toys not only brings Filoni’s journey as a Star Wars storyteller full circle, but it also showcases his passion for the character and his dedication to storytelling. Star Wars was one of the first movies to release action figures, allowing viewers to create their own stories with the characters. This has inspired storytellers like Filoni throughout the years. The fact that he now sees toys of the characters and stories he created in live-action is incredible for him.

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Filoni’s excitement and love for his characters and his story are promising signs for the upcoming Ahsoka series. The show, expected to serve as a sequel to Star Wars: Rebels, has been highly anticipated and is set to premiere soon. Characters such as Grand Admiral Thrawn and Garazeb Orellios have been teased in The Mandalorian in anticipation of the Ahsoka series. Filoni’s pure joy with the Ahsoka toys indicates that viewers will be getting some of his most passionate work in this new series.

The premiere of the Ahsoka series is eagerly awaited by fans, and Filoni’s reaction to the merchandise only adds to the excitement. Episodes 1 and 2 of Ahsoka are set to premiere on Tuesday, August 22, on Disney+. Fans can expect to see Filoni’s dedication and love for these characters come to life on screen.

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