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Deadpool 3 Star Hints at the Return of Dead Characters

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Emma Corrin, who is set to star in Deadpool 3, has opened up about her role as a villain in the upcoming Marvel film. Although Corrin couldn’t reveal the name of their character, they mentioned the need for a beginner’s class in order to understand the complex Marvel universe. Corrin expressed excitement about playing a villain in a superhero film and specifically mentioned their love for Deadpool’s self-awareness and criticism of its own inner-workings. It is unclear whether Corrin’s character is from the X-Men universe or the MCU, but they may be related to other Marvel characters and could have come back from the dead.

Return of Deadpool 3 Characters

Corrin joined the cast of Deadpool 3 earlier this year and recently spoke about their experience joining the MCU in an interview with Empire. While they couldn’t provide any details about their character, Corrin mentioned that they had to learn about the complex world of Marvel, including how characters can come back to life. They expressed their understanding of why Marvel means so much to people and their excitement about being part of it. Corrin specifically mentioned their enthusiasm for playing a villain, as it is something they haven’t done before and it’s something they’ve been wanting to explore.

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Based on Corrin’s comments, it can be inferred that their character in Deadpool 3 is someone who has returned from the dead and is related to other Marvel characters. It is uncertain whether this character is from the X-Men universe or the MCU, as Deadpool 3 will incorporate both franchises. One possibility is that Corrin is playing Angel Dust, a character from the first Deadpool film who had an ambiguous fate. Another option is that they are playing a character related to the X-Men, who may have died off-screen before being resurrected.

Production for Deadpool 3 is currently on pause, so it remains to be seen who Corrin’s character actually is and what role they will play in the story. Set photos may provide hints about their character when filming resumes. For now, fans will have to wait to find out who Corrin is playing in Deadpool 3.

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