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Kevin Feige’s Favorite MCU Idea & Set Up For The X-Men

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Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Secret Wars could be the film to introduce the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). With Disney’s acquisition of Fox bringing the rights to the X-Men back to Marvel in 2019, the inclusion of mutants in the MCU has been highly anticipated. While mutants have been slowly introduced, such as through Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel and Namor, the official X-Men team has not yet appeared. However, speculation suggests that this could change in Avengers: Secret Wars.

MCU Idea & Set Up For The X-Men

One rumor circulating is the possibility of Taylor Swift appearing as the mutant Dazzler in Deadpool 3. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, has previously expressed his interest in the Dazzler character, making Swift’s casting a tantalizing prospect. While this has not been confirmed, the speculation reinforces the idea that Dazzler could indeed make her debut in the MCU in the near future.

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Avengers: Secret Wars, which is expected to be adapted from Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars events, provides the perfect opportunity for the X-Men to be introduced. These events feature a crossover of various heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe, which could include the X-Men from the now-discontinued 20th Century Fox franchise. Dazzler, who made a brief appearance in 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix, could easily return in Avengers: Secret Wars, especially if Feige is a fan of the character.

Introducing Dazzler in Avengers: Secret Wars could then lead to a solo project featuring the character in the MCU’s Phase 7 or beyond. The inclusion of other X-Men in subsequent films would also be possible, setting up future stories involving the official X-Men team in the MCU. This aligns with Feige’s earlier tease of mutant-centric projects, indicating that mutants will likely play a significant role in the MCU’s future.

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While no official announcements have been made regarding the X-Men’s arrival in the MCU, Avengers: Secret Wars presents the best opportunity for their introduction. As the final film in the Multiverse Saga, set to be released in 2027, it would be the perfect vehicle to bring in the X-Men and set the stage for their future in the MCU.

Overall, the potential inclusion of the X-Men in Avengers: Secret Wars opens up exciting possibilities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With characters like Dazzler potentially making their debut, fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of the official X-Men team in the MCU’s future. It remains to be seen how this will unfold and which actors will portray these beloved characters, but one thing is for sure – the MCU’s Phase 7 and beyond promise to be filled with mutant-powered adventures.

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