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Marvel Post-Endgame Dynamic is The Office Without Michael Scott

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It’s been a few years since the release of Endgame, and yet its impact is still being felt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). One of the biggest challenges that Marvel faced post-endgame was the loss of its two most important characters. Actors: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark played by Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., respectively. These two characters were the heartbeat of the MCU, the identity of the MCU, and the faces of the MCU. They were the leaders of the Avengers, and their influence could be felt even in movies where they were absent.

Marvel Post-Endgame Dynamic

Post-Endgame, Marvel faced the task of re-establishing the identity of the MCU. However, as we move from phase four into phase five, many fans don’t see any connective tissue anymore. We don’t see what the story of the MCU is. We don’t know who the leaders of the MCU are, and we can’t tell which characters give the identity to the MCU that we had up until Endgame. Marvel hasn’t really addressed this issue, and it’s becoming a bigger deal than most people want to admit.

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Marvel could solve this issue by investing in creating a new identity for the MCU. The solution, however, isn’t just to bring back old actors like Downey Jr. or Evans. While this could help in some ways, it wouldn’t be the fix-all. Marvel needs to establish a new identity for the MCU, one that’s unique and different from what we had until Endgame.

Marvel Establishing Strong New Characters

One thing Marvel can do to establish a new identity is by investing in new characters. They can create new heroes who can step up and become leaders in the MCU. This would not only help establish a new identity but would also give fans a chance to connect with new characters and create new storylines. It would also help Marvel establish Marvel’s identity and give a clear sense of direction to the MCU moving forward.

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Marvel can establish a new identity by investing in world-building. Marvel has always excelled at creating a cinematic universe that feels cohesive and interconnected. However, it appears that the MCU has neglected this aspect since Endgame. By prioritizing world-building, Marvel can define not only what the MCU is but also where it’s going. This would distinguish Marvel’s identity from that of the old MCU.

Finally, Marvel can establish a new identity by exploring new genres. The MCU has been dominated by superhero stories for a while now, and while this genre has been successful, it can also be limiting. By exploring new genres like horror, romance, or thrillers, Marvel can create a unique identity that is different from what we’ve seen so far.

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Marvel Post-Endgame Needs a New Identity

In conclusion, the post-Endgame MCU needs a new identity. While it’s tempting to bring back old actors like Downey Jr. or Evans, it’s not the solution. Marvel needs to invest in creating new characters, world-building, and exploring new genres to establish a new identity for the MCU. By doing so, Marvel can give fans a reason to keep watching and create a unique identity that is different from the old MCU. The challenge is great, but the potential rewards are even greater.

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