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McDonald’s Pop-Up Recreating a TVA-Inspired 1980s Restaurant Unveils Exclusive season 2 of Loki Insights

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Marvel Studios has created a unique marketing campaign for the upcoming season 2 of Loki, transforming a McDonald’s branch in New York into a TVA-themed restaurant. The takeover includes decorations and props inspired by the popular Disney+ series, as well as variants dressed as TVA agents. Additionally, a Loki-inspired sauce has been introduced and the staff are wearing uniforms from the 1980s. To enhance the theme, prices have been discounted to emulate the 1980s as well. The takeover is only temporary and will end on September 1, 2023.

Restaurant Unveils Exclusive season 2 of Loki

The announcement of Loki season 2 came at the end of season 1’s finale, confirming the return of Tom Hiddleston as the main character. The second season is set to release on October 6, 2023, and will feature Hiddleston alongside Owen Wilson, Sophia Di Martino, Jonathan Majors, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Eugene Cordero, and Wunmi Mosaku, all reprising their roles from Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The @officialLoki Instagram account revealed the McDonald’s takeover, showcasing the TVA-inspired decorations and props. The inclusion of variants dressed as TVA agents adds an immersive touch to the experience. In addition, a special sweet-and-sour sauce inspired by Loki and Sylvie, a variant of Loki, has been introduced. The staff are also sporting uniforms from 1982, giving the restaurant an authentic 1980s feel. To further enhance the theme, Marvel Studios has lowered the prices to match the prices from the 1980s.

The first official trailer for Loki season 2 featured Sylvie potentially working at a branch of McDonald’s on Earth in 1982. Sylvie is a variant of Loki and was last seen in the season 1 finale, where she killed He Who Remains and disrupted the Sacred Timeline. This opened the door to the rise of more Kang variants and potentially another multiverse war. In the trailer, Sylvie is shown working at McDonald’s, possibly seeking a normal life after completing her mission.

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It is speculated that Sylvie took the job at McDonald’s to try and find some semblance of a regular life after spending her life trying to meet the Time Keepers and kill them. However, it is suggested that her stint at McDonald’s may not last long as she reunites with Loki in season 2.

The transformation of the McDonald’s branch in New York is a creative and immersive marketing strategy by Marvel Studios to generate excitement for the upcoming season 2 of Loki. By incorporating the TVA theme and characters into the restaurant experience, fans are given a taste of what to expect in the new season. The use of popular franchises like McDonald’s as a backdrop for promotions has become a common trend in the entertainment industry, allowing for unique and engaging marketing campaigns.

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