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Avengers 6 and Marvel’s Solution to the Multiverse Dilemma

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A theory proposed on Reddit suggests that Loki, the God of Mischief, could redeem himself by saving the multiverse in Avengers: Secret Wars. The theory suggests that the multiverse will become unstable and different realities will fight to determine the fate of the timelines. In this scenario, Loki would be the perfect person to restore order and create a new timeline, allowing dead heroes to return and giving the Fantastic Four and X-Men significant roles.

Avengers 6 and Marvel’s Solution

The theory proposes that Loki’s development in his solo series shows that he is capable of changing and becoming a hero. This would put an ironic twist on his character’s trajectory in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as he was the chief villain in Phase 1 but would become the hero who saves reality in Phase 6.

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The theory suggests that leading up to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, the multiverse will become increasingly unstable. This would lead to a battle between heroes and villains from different realities to determine who takes over and which timelines get restored or erased. In the end, someone would need to fill the void left by He Who Remains and restore order. The theory proposes that Loki would be the perfect candidate for this role.

Loki would be a suitable choice because it would add symmetry to his story arc and provide a fitting ending. When Loki was introduced in Phase 1, he sought power for power’s sake and didn’t care about the consequences. However, the variant Loki in his solo series learns the folly of his past and realizes that power must have a purpose to have meaning. He rejects the offer to rule under He Who Remains because he understands the price and does not want to be a pawn.

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However, after witnessing the consequences of his actions over two phases, Loki would have a reason to seek power and claim the throne of He Who Remains. The end result of Avengers: Secret Wars would be a new timeline curated by Loki, consisting of multiple timelines. This would allow dead heroes to return and give the Fantastic Four and X-Men significant roles in the new history. It would not only provide a fresh start for the MCU but also serve as a final twist, as the God of Mischief becomes a force of order.

While this theory is speculative and based on a Reddit post, it presents an interesting idea for Loki’s character development and the future of the MCU. Only time will tell if this theory holds any truth, but fans can look forward to the possibilities of Loki’s redemption and the potential impact on the multiverse in Avengers: Secret Wars.

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