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The Explanation Behind Why Numerous Extraterrestrials Resemble Humans in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 delves into the fact that many alien species in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) resemble humans. This similarity is not only due to production practicality and cost-effectiveness but may actually have an in-universe explanation.

Resemble Humans in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Throughout the MCU, from the Asgardians to the Xandarians and the Kree, many alien species share the same basic anatomical structure as humans. The main differences often lie in their skin color, hair, and minor variations in limbs. The third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy further highlights this resemblance, with even the High Evolutionary’s perfect society featuring animals rapidly evolving to become more human-like.

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One possible in-universe reason for this similarity is the involvement of the Celestials. In the original Marvel Comics, the Celestials were responsible for creating various alien species, including humans, in their planetary experiments. It is likely that in the MCU as well, multiple species were created in the same basic image by the Celestials, with minor alterations occurring through evolutionary adaptation or additional Celestial experimentation.

This explanation aligns with the events of the film Eternals, which establish the Celestials as the creators of new planets and life forms, including synthetic beings known as the Eternals who resemble humans. It suggests that the Celestials played a major role in the creation of life in the MCU, resulting in the prevalence of humanoid species.

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However, the real-world reason for aliens looking human in the MCU is primarily for production practicality and cost-effectiveness. It is much easier and cheaper to use make-up and prosthetics on real actors rather than creating multiple CGI aliens of various shapes and sizes. Additionally, humanoids are more relatable and easier to write stories for, making it more feasible to engage audiences with their narratives.

While there are still aliens in the MCU that exhibit more drastic variations in physiology, the majority of species resemble humans. The combination of the in-universe explanation involving the Celestials and the real-world considerations of production practicality and story-writing helps to establish the prevalence of human-like alien species in the MCU.

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In conclusion, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 explores the fact that many alien species in the MCU resemble humans. While there may be an in-universe reason for this, it primarily stems from production practicality and cost-effectiveness. The involvement of the Celestials in the creation of various species adds depth to the explanation, while the choice to make aliens humanoid helps to create relatable characters and engage audiences.

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