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This Deadpool 3 Wolverine vs Hulk Scene Rumor is Crazy

New Deadpool and Wolverine Film: Exciting Cast Additions and Crucial Cameo Tease Classic Matchup

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Deadpool and Wolverine fans, get ready! The official confirmations and rumors surrounding the highly anticipated film have been coming in thick and fast. With new additions to the cast, including a villain, as well as rumors of past cast members from the Fox Universe, the movie promises to be an exciting ride for fans. However, a new source has scooped a crucial cameo that will set up a classic matchup fans have been waiting for since the earliest days of the Infinity Saga.

Bruce Banner Hulk Will Make An Appearance in Deadpool 3

As reported by With_T_ on Twitter, Bruce Banner Hulk will be making an appearance in Deadpool 3. This new revelation means that Marvel Studios will take a crack at the classic comic book matchup of Wolverine versus the Hulk. Furthermore, fans will be happy to know that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will have his comic-accurate yellow suit which he had already teased on his social media.

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It is no secret that Professor X and Colossus will also be returning for the upcoming film. However, it is the addition of Bruce Banner Hulk that has fans speculating about the plot. It is highly unlikely that fans would want to see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine suited up and facing against Professor Hulk. Therefore, with the inclusion of Hulk, the film may heavily involve the TVA, which implies time travel as well as branch realities.

Possible Wolverine VS The Hulk Scene

Fans are hoping that Marvel Studios takes this opportunity to cross Wolverine over with a Hulk from the earlier part of the Infinity Saga when he was still The Savage Hulk. This way, fans can get the classic matchup that they have been waiting for. It would also be much easier for Marvel to use the earlier model of Hulk from Age of Ultron or the earlier part of the Infinity Saga. This would avoid the need for a lot of mocap and voice-over work that would be required if they used the Professor Hulk model.

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Marvel Studios has always been known to elevate third movies, and Kevin Feige stated that they were looking to do the same with Deadpool 3. Therefore, fans should expect to see character after character popping up in and out of the timeline. Also, with a large section of the Fox X-Men also showing up in the movie, it promises to be an incredible ride for fans.

In conclusion, Deadpool and Wolverine fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the upcoming film, and with the addition of Bruce Banner Hulk, their excitement is reaching new heights. As fans speculate about the plot, one thing is for sure: Marvel Studios always delivers on their promises. It remains to be seen if the classic matchup between Wolverine and the Hulk will occur, but with Marvel Studios at the helm, fans should expect nothing but the best.

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