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Thor 5’s New Villain Surpasses Hela in Power: A Promising Update

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New details have emerged about a potential Thor 5 film, revealing that it will feature a villain stronger than Hela. Despite criticism of Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth’s latest MCU movie, there are plans to continue Thor’s story and explore new obstacles for the character to overcome. In an interview, director Taika Waititi discusses Thor’s future in the MCU and the potential for wild and outlandish creatures, monsters, and aliens to be included in his future adventures.

New Villain Surpasses Hela in Power: A Promising Update

According to Waititi, the next Thor film should continue the evolution of the character and provide new challenges for him to face. This includes introducing a villain that is more formidable than Hela. Waititi believes that the character needs to face increasingly difficult obstacles, and having a weaker villain than Hela would not be compelling. He sees the need to step up from Hela and create a villain that is even stronger.

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While Thor 5 has not been confirmed, Waititi already has plans in motion if the film moves forward. He believes that Thor’s mythology is an important aspect of the character and wants to stay true to it by introducing more outlandish and crazy beasts, monsters, and aliens. Thor’s origins lend themselves to big, inventive, colorful creatures and aliens from different worlds. Waititi sees Thor as a character that explores different worlds due to his age, and he believes that encountering wild villains and creatures does not faze him.

Waititi also finds Thor’s unique qualities and his casual swagger more exciting to follow on space adventures than human MCU characters. He believes that Thor brings a fun element and a sense of casualness to his encounters with aliens and different worlds. This is something that wouldn’t be present if it were an ordinary human exploring the universe. Based on Waititi’s comments, if Thor 5 happens, fans can expect Thor to visit colorful, different worlds, confront wild villains, and face a challenge greater than Hela.

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Overall, new details about a potential Thor 5 film reveal plans to introduce a more powerful villain than Hela and to explore Thor’s unique qualities and mythology in wild and outlandish adventures. While the film has not been confirmed, director Taika Waititi’s vision for the character suggests an exciting and different experience from the more grounded human MCU characters.

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