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Top 10 Unseen Iron Man Suits That Would Amaze You

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Iron Man has had numerous incredible suits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but there are many amazing suits from the comics that were never adapted to film. These unused suits include the Iron Destroyer, Godbuster, Deep Space, Cold Iron, Phoenix Killer, Celestial Hulkbuster, Thorbuster, Godkiller, and Endo-Sym suits. Each suit has a specific purpose and unique characteristics.

Top 10 Unseen Iron Man Suits

The Iron Destroyer suit was created by Tony Stark during the Fear Itself comic event to combat godlike enemies. Coated in Uru, the same substance used to create Thor’s hammer, this suit is described as one of the strongest Iron Man armors ever created.

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The Godbuster suit, also known as Model 63, was built by Stark to defeat a villain with god-like power levels. It existed in a limitless virtual reality, giving it unlimited power. However, it was destroyed after only two issues as it was deemed too powerful to be exposed to the world.

The Deep Space Armor, Model 45, was created to allow Iron Man to join the Guardians of the Galaxy in space. It has the capability to control other suits of armor located on Earth from hundreds of light-years away, making it a versatile suit for space travel and protecting Earth.

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The Iron Man Armor Model CE1 was primarily seen on Counter-Earth and played a significant role in inspiring Tony Stark to become Iron Man on that planet. It combines elements of the classic Iron Man design with new updates.

The Cold Iron Armor, Model 48, was designed to hunt down Dark Elves. Made entirely of iron, it is the perfect weapon to combat these Elves, who are poisoned by the metal. It features unique dark coloring and specialized weapons for the mission.

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The Phoenix Killer suit, Model 38, was created to confront the powerful cosmic being known as the Phoenix Force. It was able to split the force from its host and save an innocent girl. This suit is likely the most powerful Iron Man suit ever created and has a bulkier design.

The Celestial Hulkbuster Armor, Model 72, was built by Stark to prevent the Hulk from using Celestial technology for his own benefit. It is equipped with numerous weapons to oppose the Hulk and has the ability to create a wormhole to a pocket dimension for safety.

While these suits have not appeared in the MCU, they have unique designs and abilities that make them worthy of recognition. As viewers anticipate the release of Armor Wars, it is a prime time to appreciate these untapped suits from the comics.

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