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Unveiling 10 Star Wars Revelations: Ahsoka Episode 3 Recap and Decoding the Ending

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Ahsoka Episode 3 of the Star Wars show brings several exciting reveals as Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren continue their search for Morgan Elsbeth and her allies.

10 Star Wars Revelations: Ahsoka Episode 3

First, Ahsoka takes over Sabine’s Jedi training and introduces her to a new practice style called “Zatochi”, which involves blocking physical sight with a masked helmet.

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Hera Syndulla appears before a New Republic Senatorial Committee to request assistance in preventing Thrawn’s return, but her proposal is declined, as there is not enough evidence of an Imperial resurgence.

Hera’s son, Jacen Syndulla, expresses his desire to become a Jedi like his father, Kanan Jarrus.

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Despite previous suggestions that Sabine has a low aptitude for the Force, Ahsoka confirms that the Force resides in all living things and believes Sabine can use it with the right training.

Ahsoka showcases her skills as she defends their T-6 shuttle from attackers while Sabine makes repairs, proving that she is still one of the most skilled Jedi.

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Huyang confirms that Morgan Elsbeth’s Eye of Sion is a giant hyperspace ring capable of traveling to other galaxies.

The episode confirms a major space whale theory in Star Wars as the ships fly through a pod of star whales known as Purrgil, which are believed to lead to ancient hyperspace routes to other galaxies.

Tensions between Morgan Elsbeth and Shin Hati arise as they fail to destroy Ahsoka and Sabine’s shuttle, with Shin showing loyalty only to her master Baylan Skoll.

The T-6 shuttle is badly damaged by turbolasers from the Eye of Sion, forcing Ahsoka and Sabine to land on the surface of Seatos.

The episode ends with Baylan Skoll sending troops and HK assassin droids to hunt down Ahsoka and Sabine, who are hiding in the forest.

These revelations set the stage for further developments in the search for Thrawn and the impending conflict with Elsbeth and her allies.

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