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Daisy Ridley Set to Reprise Role in Upcoming Star Wars Movie

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The announcement of a new Star Wars movie has sent shockwaves through the fandom. Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm, announced at Star Wars Celebration in London that the next Star Wars film will be a sequel to 2019’s Rise of Skywalker and focus on the character of Rey. The events of the film will follow the establishment of a new Jedi Order, with Daisy Ridley returning to reprise her role.

New Star Wars Trilogy

While fans have differing opinions on the sequel trilogy, the announcement has left many scratching their heads. Why would Lucasfilm choose to continue with a character and storyline that has been so divisive within the fanbase? With projects like the Ahsoka TV series and James Mangold’s upcoming Origins of the Jedi film generating excitement, why not take a fresh approach and explore new characters and corners of the Star Wars universe?

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Daisy Ridley Set to Return as Rey Skywalker

The decision to bring back Rey and continue her storyline seems like a missed opportunity for Lucasfilm to capitalize on the momentum that has been building around the franchise. Despite mixed reactions to the sequel trilogy, many fans have found comfort and joy in the likes of The Mandalorian and other upcoming projects. The last thing the fandom needs is more divisiveness and disappointment.

Of course, this is not to say that Daisy Ridley is not a talented actress or that Rey’s storyline is inherently flawed. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that the announcement of the new film has left many feeling underwhelmed and skeptical. While there is certainly potential for the film to be great and win over fans, it’s hard not to wonder if the safer and more strategic decision would have been to move on and explore new characters and stories.

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With so much excitement and buzz surrounding the franchise in recent months, it’s disappointing to see Lucasfilm playing it safe and sticking with what is familiar. Fans want to see bold and daring storytelling that takes risks and challenges them, not a rehash of what has come before.

Despite the cynicism and doubt surrounding the new Star Wars movie, there is still hope that it will surprise and delight fans. If done correctly, Rey’s journey could offer a fresh and exciting take on the Jedi Order and what it means to be a hero. But it will require a level of creativity and risk-taking that has been missing from the franchise in recent years.

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In conclusion, the announcement of a new Star Wars movie focused on Rey has left many fans skeptical and underwhelmed. While there is certainly potential for the film to be great, it’s hard not to wonder if Lucasfilm should have taken a more daring approach and explored new characters and stories. Only time will tell if this decision pays off in the end.

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