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Jack Black Wants Pedro Pascal As Wario In Mario Sequel

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Mario’s dominance is at an all-time high, and his recent box office success is a testament to that. But, amidst all the glory, there is some intriguing news coming straight from the actor who voices Bowser – Jack Black. News that the Mario Bros sequel could feature Pedro Pascal As Wario.

Jack Black’s Bowser May Not Be in the Mario Sequel

In a recent interview, Jack Black revealed that there is a possibility that his character, Bowser, may not be in the sequel of the Mario Brothers movie. Black also hinted that Bowser may even turn to the good side and help Mario and his gang fight against some unknown villain in the future.

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Bowser’s potential departure from the sequel has led to some exciting fan theories, and one, in particular, has caught everyone’s attention. Fans believe that Wario, a villainous character, will make his debut in the next film, and Pedro Pascal would play the character.

Pedro Pascal As Wario In Mario Sequel

Wario is one of the few notable characters missing from the first film, so his appearance would not be surprising. And, considering Pedro Pascal’s immense popularity, it’s not far-fetched to assume that he would play the character. Fans have already begun to create a buzz around the possibility of Pascal portraying Wario, and Jack Black’s comments have fueled these rumors even further.

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Interestingly, back in 2019, actor Peter Pascal (not related to Pedro Pascal) hosted Saturday Night Live and did a Mario sketch. The sketch was so well done that fans started a petition to recast Chris Pratt (who is playing Mario in the first film) with Peter in the sequel. The petition may have been far-fetched, but it showed how much fans appreciated Peter’s portrayal of Mario.

Pedro Pascal Casting as Wario is a Rumor

Although Pedro Pascal’s casting as Wario is still a rumor, fans are already excited at the prospect of it happening. Pascal, who is currently dominating the small screen with his portrayal in The Mandalorian, is an excellent actor, and fans are looking forward to seeing him bring Wario to life.

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One fan theory that has caught everyone’s attention is that Morgan Freeman should voice Waluigi, another character that was missing from the first movie. Freeman’s authoritative tone would fit well with Waluigi’s scheming personality, making it a perfect match.

Mark Hamill, who is well-known for his voiceover work as Joker, has also been mentioned as someone who could voice Waluigi. Hamill’s portrayal of trickster in the live-action series was hilarious, and fans believe he would bring the same energy and wit to Waluigi.

In conclusion, while the rumor of Pedro Pascal playing Wario is still unconfirmed, fans are excited about the possibility. The Mario Brothers movie sequel promises to be exciting, and fans are looking forward to seeing what new characters are added and which familiar characters return. So, buckle up, Mario fans, and get ready for the ride.

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