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Jason David Frank Returns in Legend of the White Dragon

This upcoming film was Jason David Frank's pride and joy

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Jason David Frank, also known as the Legendary Power Ranger Tommy Oliver, is set to grace the big screen one last time in his final film, “Legend of the White Dragon.” This highly anticipated movie is a passion project that Frank has been working on with Bat in the Sun Productions for ten years, and fans of the Power Rangers franchise are waiting eagerly for its release.

Jason David Frank’s Character, Eric Reed

Jason David Frank’s character, Eric Reed, also known as the white dragon, is an ex-fugitive who returns to the city he fought to protect after being on the run for three years. His mission now is to clear his name and save the family he has been keeping a secret. However, his plans might soon take a turn for the worse when the mysterious Dragon Prime unleashes his own revenge. “Legend of the White Dragon” promises to be a powerful and moving tribute to Frank’s talent and dedication.

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Legend of the White Dragon’s North American Release

Bat in the Sun Productions recently announced that they would be giving “Legend of the White Dragon” a North American theatrical release. The release is set to coincide with what would have been the 50th birthday of the late actor and martial artist who tragically died in November 2022. The release date is fast approaching, scheduled for this Labor Day weekend in early September 2023.

As Aaron from Bat in the Sun said, “We are proud to have worked with such a talented actor and grateful for the opportunity to share his final performance with the world.” Despite the tremendous loss, the production team has worked tirelessly to complete the movie and ensure that it meets Frank’s high standards. The result is an all-star cast that includes Power Rangers alumni Jason Faunt and Sierra Hana, David Ramsey from the CW arrowverse series, as well as Michael Madsen and Mark Decostos. Frank’s daughter, Jenna Frank, also makes an appearance in the movie.

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Jason David Frank and The cast of Legend of the White Dragon

The cast of “Legend of the White Dragon” is proof of Frank’s enduring legacy in the entertainment industry. For over a decade, he played the beloved character of Tommy Oliver in various Power Rangers series, earning a place in the hearts of many fans. He started out as the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, evolving into the Mighty Morphin White Power Ranger, then Zeal Ranger 5 red in Power Ranger Zeo, where he led the team once again as the Red Ranger. He also played the Black Ranger in Dino Thunder, and even Lord Draken, a character he revisited in “Ninja Steel Dimensions in Danger.” After retiring from the Power Rangers franchise, Frank poured his energy into “Legend of the White Dragon,” making it his final project.

The trailer for the movie promises a thrilling ride for fans of the franchise. Frank’s portrayal of the white dragon is nothing short of spectacular, and it is evident that he poured his heart and soul into the project. He wanted to leave a lasting legacy, and “Legend of the White Dragon” promises to be a testament to his talent and dedication.

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In conclusion, Jason David Frank’s final film, “Legend of the White Dragon,” is set to make waves in the entertainment industry. Fans of the Power Rangers franchise are eagerly anticipating its release, and the all-star cast promises to make it a movie worth watching. Frank’s legacy will undoubtedly endure, and his final performance is a fitting tribute to his talent and dedication. August and September 2023 cannot come soon enough!

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