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Kel Mitchell Has Released A New Video Featuring The Good Burger 2 Script

Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson of Good Burger release a video on social media showcasing the cover page for the long-awaited Good Burger 2 screenplay.

Kel Mitchell took to social media to inform fans on the status of Good Burger 2, the long-awaited sequel to the first Good Burger film. The idea was inspired by a popular comedy from Nickelodeon’s All That, in which Mitchell appeared with his on-screen partner-in-crime, Saturday Night Live veteran Kenan Thompson. In the now-expanding Good Burger world, main protagonists Ed (Mitchell) and Dexter (Thompson) work at the namesake restaurant while indulging in workplace shenanigans and competing against Mondo Burger.

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The original Good Burger film, released in 1997, was Nickelodeon Movies’ first effort at adapting sketch show characters into feature-length films. Because of its emergence as a minor cult favorite with the All That audiences of the mid-to-late ’90s, the film had strong financial returns over time. The Good Burger film was part of Mitchell and Thompson’s rise from All That to their own program Keenan & Kel during this time period. Now, it appears that the pair is preparing to return to their Good Burger beginnings.

Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson collaborated on an Instagram video clip that showed a copy of the Good Burger 2 screenplay. Mitchell says in the caption that the crew had a successful table read, indicating that the actors actually aim to dish up a Good Burger 2. Check out the post linked above.

Who Is Likely to Return for Good Burger 2?

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After their cheeseburger-centric film, the cast and crew of The Good Burger have gone on to become highly acclaimed performers and executives. Linda Cardellini made her big screen debut in the film, while Good Burger director Brian Robbins went on to become the CEO of Paramount Pictures. Mitchell and Thompson hid some key information on the script’s cover page, including the sequel’s writer(s), in their post, but as the CEO of Paramount, it’s probable Robbins will have some influence on Good Burger 2. Shaquille O’Neal and Carmen Electra had cameo appearances in the original film, and both are now often seen on reality or broadcast television.

Good Burger 2 might be the first sequel aimed primarily at millennials. Top Gun: Maverick, albeit a different quality and style of picture, lured Gen-Xers eager to be reintroduced to a ’80s legend to the theaters in record-breaking numbers, thanks in part to the work Robbins pioneered as CEO of Paramount. Good Burger is hardly the millennial generation’s Top Gun, but Good Burger 2 will put to the test the idea of nostalgic franchises being reborn after 20+ years of slumber.

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