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Morgan Freeman Returns to the Big Screen In The Minute You Wake Up Dead

Check out Morgan Freeman in this exclusive trailer for the noir thriller, The Minute You Wake Up Dead.

The trailer for The Minute You Wake Up Dead, a new thriller from Lionsgate and Grindstone Entertainment Group, is now available. The picture, which will be released in cinemas, digitally, and on demand on November 4, is a variation on classic film noir storylines starring Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser, Thor: Love and Thunder’s Jaimie Alexander, and silver screen great Morgan Freeman. Michael Mailer (Heart of Champions) directed and co-wrote the screenplay with Timothy Holland.

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The film The Minute You Wake Up Dead follows Russ Potter (Hauser), an investment banker in a small Southern town whose faulty financial advice cost some of his customers a lot of money. Naturally, they are upset, and Russ receives threatening phone calls from people who worry, “Where will you be the minute you wake up dead?” Meanwhile, his relationship with Delaine Moore (Alexander) includes an insurance scheme that leads to deaths, and Sheriff Thurmond Fowler (Freeman) is on the hunt for the perpetrators.

The trailer for Morgan Freeman’s The Minute You Wake Up Dead begins with foreboding voiceover from Morgan Freeman himself, warning that “what goes down in the throes of desire may haunt a body forever.” When juxtaposed with photographs of Russ and Delanie’s courtship, it is evident that this specific passion will remain haunting. The situation then quickly escalates, portraying mayhem and murder in Mississippi. The plot changes to Delanie’s ambitions and Fowler’s suspicions that she is much more than she appears, as a result of financial losses and unexplained phone conversations.

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Delanie, played by Jaimie Alexander, is a typical femme fatale, but that doesn’t mean Cole Hauser’s Russ is a sitting duck. The two are stuck in a cat-and-mouse game, and only Morgan Freeman’s Sheriff can break the tie. But, regardless matter who wins for the time being, there are plenty of eager eyes on the sidelines waiting to collect the filthy money, hesitating to bleed their hands unless absolutely necessary.

The noir thriller is the latest in a long line of intriguing and suspenseful Lionsgate movies. This year has also seen the survival thriller Fall, and horror lovers will soon be able to enjoy Prey For the Devil. Meanwhile, those seeking lighter fare may turn to the comedy and comfort of Kevin Smith’s Clerks III. The film The Minute You Wake Up Dead runs for 90 minutes and is classified R for some violence and profanity.

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