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Super Mario Bros Smashes Multiple Major Box Office Records

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Super Mario Bros. has hit the box office with a bang, smashing long-standing records and proving to be a massive hit with audiences of all ages. With a worldwide gross of $377 million in its opening week, the movie has become a runaway success, and it’s not hard to see why.

Super Mario Bros. Breaking Records at the Box Office

Firstly, the film broke several impressive records upon its release. It’s now the biggest opening weekend of 2023, passing Ant-Man 3, and the biggest Wednesday to Sunday opening of all time. It’s also the biggest opening weekend for any film by Illumination, far surpassing Minions. Furthermore, it’s the second biggest animated film opening in history, only behind the Pixar hit, Incredibles 2, and the biggest adaptation opening of all time. No other video game movie has ever opened to such a high amount.

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The success of the movie can be attributed to the widespread appeal of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. The game has been played by three generations, and it’s loved by all. Parents who played it with their children when they were younger can now share the joy of the game with their grandchildren. Super Mario Bros. has been an active ongoing franchise for years, with Mario Kart still being the most played video game in the world. The game has a cult-like following, with fans of all ages eagerly waiting for the movie’s release. Whenever the trailers for the movie played in theaters, the audiences would pop, and people would weep and cry while walking around the Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios.

The film’s success can also be attributed to Universal’s foresight in recognizing the widespread recognition of the intellectual property. They knew that the Super Mario Bros. franchise would touch multiple generations and would not just be for families. Veronica Quan Vanderberg, the president of development at Universal, has said that it was such recognizable IP that they knew they were going to get a broad audience to come see the movie. This significant recognition of the franchise has been acknowledged, and the film makers gave fans exactly what they wanted.

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The plot of the game is non-existent, and fans are not looking for a film that has a compelling storyline. They want to see the familiar characters, the karts, and hear the iconic lines spoken within the games. Fans want to see the references of the game in the movie, and that’s exactly what Universal provided them with. The movie has Jack Black singing about peaches, and that’s all audiences need to connect with the film.

After opening with an outstanding $143 million, the big question is whether the film has staying power. Will it continue its success and reach the billion-dollar mark? Although it’s within reach, it’s uncertain if it will get there. Still, it’s undeniable that the movie has already reached incredible heights.

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The success of the Super Mario Bros. movie is directly attributed to the game’s widespread appeal, recognition of the intellectual property, and understanding of what fans wanted to see. With such impressive records broken, the success of the movie is a testament to the longstanding recognition that Super Mario Bros. has within popular culture. The film’s success shows that it’s an iconic game that transcends generations, and it’s a franchise that people love for its simplicity and familiarity. It’s admirable that the movie brings joy to all who watch it and will undoubtedly be a reminder of the joy that we experience playing the game.

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