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Will Smith’s Slap Should Be Referenced in ‘Bad Boys 4’

Many people are still upset with Will Smith over is poor actions during the Oscars, but maybe the upcoming Bad Boys For Life movie could benefit from it all...

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Many people are still upset with Will Smith over his poor actions during the Oscars, but maybe the upcoming Bad Boys 4 movie could benefit from it…

Bad Boys 4 producer, Jerry Bruckheimer recently came out to share a production update for the upcoming film. Though it may be sweet to some, but sour for others, Bruckheimer is positive that the fourth installment of the Bad Boys franchise will include Will Smith. The action-comedy stars Smith, and Martin Lawrence as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett who work together to protect a witness from a murderer.

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The original Bad Boys film, directed by Michael Bay release back in 1995. Sadly, the film didn’t hold up to some critics expectations. However, successfully gained a passionate audience who have helped the franchise produce an additional two films.

Bad Boys 4 is in the Works

Sony pictures was hard at work in early stages of development for Bad Boys 4, before putting it on hold. Getting the ball rolling with the next installment became difficult as Will Smith took to the global stage to exercise a very poor decision.During the 2022 Oscars ceremony, Smith sprung to action as comedian, Chris Rock delivered a joke about Jada Smith, (Will Smith’s wife). Although these were mere jokes, Smith swung at the comedian, striking him across the face with an open hand.

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Fans and peers around the world expressed their disappointment with Will Smith’s actions, and some even suggested that he be removed from all future projects in the works. Of course, this included Bad Boys 4. Since then, both Jerry Bruckheimer, and Martin Lawrence has confirmed that the next film is still in the works. They also mentioned that Will Smith will remain attached to the project.

In the recent Raiya Pop live stream, it was discussed what consequences Will Smith should have moving forward. Sadly, viewers of the stream commented that they would no longer support the actor with any of his projects.

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How Bad Boys For Life Can Benefit From Will Smith’s Poor Decisions

The Bad Boys film could actually benefit from Will Smith’s actions. How, you ask? By referencing the global controversy within the film. Think about including it in the first or second trailer. By doing this, social media would go to work organically, saving the studio millions on marketing dollars. Whether they love him or hate him, many will take to platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to post about and share their thoughts on the slap being referenced in Bad Boys 4.

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