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Yes, A Twilight TV Series Is In Development

Lionsgate Developing New Twilight TV Series: What We Know So Far

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It’s been over a decade since the Twilight franchise hit theaters and took the world by storm. Whether you loved it or hated it, there’s no denying that the franchise was a “monster damn hit” and “made tons of money.” The five Twilight movies grossed more than 3.4 billion dollars worldwide, making it one of the most profitable movie franchises of all time. Now it looks like we will be receiving a Twilight TV Series!

Lionsgate Developing a Twilight TV Series

Now, Lionsgate is hoping to recapture the magic of the franchise by developing a TV series based on Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling book series. According to ScreenRant, a Twilight TV show is officially in development and will be produced by Lionsgate. While there’s no word yet on what the series will be about, fans are already speculating about what direction the show will take.

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There are two paths that the Twilight series could go down. The first path is the one that Warner Bros. took with Harry Potter: Let’s redo the original story. Get in a younger cast and retell the story of Twilight. The other approach is the one that Lionsgate seems to be taking with Hunger Games. Instead of going back and redoing the original story, tell a new story set in the world of Twilight.

A few years ago, the Lionsgate CEO said, “We still think there are many stories to tell in the world of Hunger Games and Twilight.” So, what will the Twilight TV show be about?

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What We Can Expect From A New Twilight Series

Some fans are hoping that the show will pick up with the children of Bella and Edward, while others are wondering if it will follow the story of Charlie Swan, Bella’s father, who was an important character in the books and movies. Some fans are even hoping that the show will explore the relationship between Bella and Jacob, which was hinted at but never fully explored in the books or movies. Whatever direction the show takes, there’s no doubt that it will be highly anticipated by fans of the franchise.

One thing that we do know is that Lionsgate is hoping to capitalize on the success of the original franchise by bringing back some of the key creative talent. There’s no word yet on whether Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson will be involved in the new series, but fans are hoping that they will make an appearance. The Twilight franchise launched the careers of both actors and it would be a missed opportunity not to bring them back in some capacity.

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Despite the fact that the Twilight movies received generally negative reviews from critics, they still have a strong following. The franchise had a “hardcore fandom, a loyal fandom, a passionate fandom.” Lionsgate is hoping to tap into that fandom once again with the new TV series.

In conclusion, Lionsgate’s decision to develop a new Twilight TV series makes good business sense. The franchise was highly profitable and still has a strong following. While we don’t know yet what the series will be about, fans are already speculating about what direction it will take. Whether it follows the children of Bella and Edward or tells a new story set in the world of Twilight, there’s no doubt that the series will be highly anticipated by fans of the franchise. Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson make an appearance? Only time will tell.

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