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Things We Could See in Outer Banks Season 4

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Outer Banks fans rejoice! After weeks of anticipation, Netflix has announced that our favorite show is coming back for a fourth season. This news was revealed at the Poglandia event, an event that celebrated the upcoming season three and allowed fans to connect with the cast and crew of the show. In this article, we will explore what this renewal means for the show and what we can expect from Outer Banks season four.

Outer Banks Season 4

First, we can be sure that our beloved main characters, Kiara, Pope, John B, and JJ, will all stay alive. While supporting characters such as Topper, Rafe, Big John, and Wheezy may not be so lucky, the main characters will remain safe. We can also expect a new treasure to be introduced, as the Pogues won’t be able to get their hands on the one they are chasing this season.

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Romance is also a major part of any Outer Banks season, and we can expect some heartbreak in season four. It is likely that the first couple to break up will be John B and Sarah, as Topper and Sarah lock eyes at the bonfire and John B goes off exploring the ocean with his father.

What’s more, Topper has teased that he will be joining the Pogues this season, which could mean that he may be the one to sacrifice himself for Sarah or John B.

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With Outer Banks season four on the horizon, fans are sure to be filled with anticipation. We can look forward to more thrilling adventures, heartwarming relationships, and exciting new developments. Until then, we can enjoy the upcoming season three and all the surprises it has in store.

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