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10 Absurd Suits Moments That Would Have Surely Led To Harvey’s Disbarment In Reality

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Harvey Specter’s unethical actions in the TV show Suits, such as covering up Mike’s fake law degree, would have certainly led to disbarment in the real world. Throughout the show, Harvey conspires with others, such as Sean Cahill and Craig Seidel, to achieve his goals, which would be considered collusion and further grounds for disbarment. Additionally, Harvey’s violent tendencies, such as physically threatening Lawrence Kemp and assaulting Louis Litt, would undoubtedly result in disbarment if they occurred outside the fictional world of Suits.

Harvey’s decision to hire Mike Ross, who did not have a law degree, and subsequently covering up this fact, would be highly unethical and illegal in real life. While Mike was knowledgeable in the legal world, it was still wrong for Harvey to hire him under these circumstances. Although Harvey and Mike face consequences for this decision later in the series, Harvey avoids disbarment.

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In another instance, Harvey colludes with Sean Cahill, a prosecutor for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, to help free Mike from prison. This collusion would be grounds for disbarment in the real world. Harvey also engages in extortion, blackmail, and collusion to get Mike admitted to the bar, using illegal methods to achieve his goal. Despite his actions being acknowledged as not completely legal, Harvey manages to avoid getting caught and keeps his job at the law firm.

Harvey’s collaboration with Craig Seidel, a member of the New York State Bar, raises further ethical concerns. Their deal, which includes blackmail and potentially prison time for all involved, if this were real life, would result in disbarment for Harvey.

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Harvey’s aggressive tendencies are also evident in his physical confrontations. In one instance, Harvey physically threatens Lawrence Kemp during a case, which is highly frowned upon and would lead to disbarment outside of the TV show’s fictional world. Harvey also assaults Louis Litt, his coworker, in their workplace, further demonstrating his violent tendencies.

Even though Harvey’s actions are often motivated by a desire to protect his clients or achieve positive outcomes, they are highly unethical and would result in severe consequences in the real world. Harvey’s unethical behavior and violations of professional conduct would likely lead to disbarment, making it highly unlikely that he would still have a job in law if he were a real-life lawyer.

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