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10 Classic Anime Dubs That Stand the Test of Time

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Dubbing in anime can often be subpar, resulting in awkward and poorly performed lines. However, there are some old anime dubs that have managed to remain iconic and well-made over the years. These dubs have stood the test of time and are considered some of the most rewatchable series due to the excellent performances of their English-language voice actors.

Some anime series, like Dragon Ball Z, heavily rely on nostalgia. While the series itself is beloved, the English dub has not aged well, making it difficult for new fans to get into. However, the franchise saw improvement with Dragon Ball Z Kai, where many of the original voice actors returned and delivered sharper dialogue and improved performances.

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There are other anime dubs that have surpassed expectations and deserve recognition. One such example is Ghost Stories, an anime whose English dub is better than the subtitles. Aniplex had permission to change the original scripts almost entirely, resulting in a hilarious and memorable dub. The voice actors had a lot of fun with the series, creating an English dub that every anime fan should watch at least once.

Akira, an important and successful anime film, had two notable English dubs. The earlier one may be considered cheesy, but the second one has held up remarkably well over time. With talented voice actors like Johnny Yong Bosch, Wendee Lee, and Joshua Seth, the English dub of Akira delivers compelling performances that add depth to the classic.

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Trigun, a space western anime, is another example of a well-made English dub. With Johnny Yong Bosch voicing the protagonist, Vash the Stampede, alongside talented voice actors like Jeff Nimoy and Joshua Seth, the English dub captures the essence of the series. The final episode in particular stands out with its outstanding performances.

Spirited Away, Studio Ghibli’s most iconic film, is a beautiful fantasy tale with great animation and voice acting. Watching it in the viewer’s own language allows for a more immersive experience. Unlike many older anime dubs, Spirited Away manages to captivate its audience without any awkward lines that would make viewers cringe.

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The 1997 series of Berserk is a dark and macabre anime that garnered high praise for its voice acting. Kevin T. Collins delivers an outstanding performance as Griffith, while other voice actors like Marc Diraison and Carrie Keranen embody their characters perfectly. The melancholic vibe of the series is enhanced by the exceptional voice acting.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, a thought-provoking and iconic anime, has a new English dub, but the original is still worth watching. Despite not being as refined as the new dub, the original captures many iconic scenes perfectly. Enhanced by the performances of voice actors like John Swasey as Gendo Ikari, the anime takes viewers on a wild ride.

Princess Mononoke, another Studio Ghibli classic, has an excellent English dub. While there are characters whose voices may not always fit perfectly, the majority of the voices are well-suited to their characters. Claire Danes, who voices San, stands out as an excellent example of a voice actor who brings her character to life.

Dragon Ball, the predecessor to Dragon Ball Z, has a better English dub overall. The voice acting is superb, with Christopher Sabat delivering bone-chilling performances as Piccolo and King Piccolo. The English dub adds another layer of depth to the martial arts anime.

Cowboy Bebop, a nostalgic ’90s anime series, owes much of its popularity to its outstanding English dub. The talented cast elevates the series with their performances, with Steve Blum, who voices Spike Spiegel, standing out in particular. Blum’s portrayal of Spike enhances the story of this beloved anime antihero.

Yu Yu Hakusho, a shonen series, is best experienced through its English dub. The voice actors deliver exceptional performances that complement the series’ wonderful story and animation. The cast, including Justin Cook, Chuck Huber, and John Burgmeier, bring the characters to life and contribute to the overall artistry of the anime.

In conclusion, while many anime dubs may not age well, there are several that have proven to be iconic and well-made over the years. These English dubs have stood the test of time and continue to be rewatchable, thanks to the excellent performances of their voice actors. From comedy to action and fantasy, these dubs enhance the overall viewing experience and deserve recognition for their contribution to the anime industry.

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