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10 Other Hitchcock Films That Would Be Simpler

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Robert Downey Jr. is planning to remake Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, Vertigo, despite its universal praise. He believes he can make it even better, but some consider this plan redundant given the high regard the original film holds. However, there are other Hitchcock movies that could benefit from modern updates. Movies such as Spellbound, Foreign Correspondent, Marnie, Rope, Saboteur, Torn Curtain, Lifeboat, The Wrong Man, Notorious, and Suspicion all have elements that could be enhanced with a remake.

Spellbound tells the story of a man who has no recollection of a murder he may have committed and seeks the help of a psychoanalyst to unravel his amnesia. While the film is well-acted, there is room for improvement in its portrayal of psychological issues.

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Foreign Correspondent follows a crime reporter who uncovers a spy ring in Europe. A remake of this film would allow its European locations to be portrayed in a fresh and vivid manner.

Marnie features Tippi Hedren as a woman with severe psychological problems who is blackmailed into marriage. A remake could address technical issues and better handle the psychological aspect of the story.

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Rope centers around two men who commit a murder and hide the body during a dinner party. This film, with its one-set setting and ensemble cast, would be a perfect fit for a remake, and Downey Jr. would excel in the role of Professor Rupert Cadell.

Saboteur tells the story of a factory worker accused of sabotage who sets out to confront the real perpetrator. A remake could explore unique interpersonal relationships and incorporate elements that made Vertigo successful.

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Torn Curtain features Paul Newman as an American physicist who becomes a double agent during the Cold War. A remake of this spy thriller would be timely given the current focus on espionage and nuclear secrets.

Lifeboat follows the survivors of a ship sinking who struggle with tensions and conflicts. Downey Jr. could take on the challenging role of the German officer in a potential remake.

The Wrong Man tells the story of a musician who is mistaken for a robber and is hunted by the authorities. This film explores the terrifying consequences of mistaken identity and would be relevant in today’s age of technology.

Notorious follows a government agent and the daughter of a German war criminal as they work together to bring Nazis to justice. Downey Jr., Cillian Murphy, and Emily Blunt could deliver captivating performances in a remake.

Suspicion centers around a charming scoundrel who marries a wealthy woman and uses her money for unscrupulous business ventures. Downey Jr.’s charisma would be a perfect fit for the leading role in a remake of this film.

While Robert Downey Jr.’s plan to remake Vertigo may raise some eyebrows, there are plenty of other Hitchcock films that could benefit from a modern update. A remake of these movies could address technical issues, improve upon their narratives, and provide a fresh take for contemporary audiences. With Downey Jr.’s talent and charisma, he could excel in roles in films like Marnie, Rope, and Suspicion, bringing a new level of magic to these stories.

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