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10 Untold Marvel Storylines the MCU Is Unable to Utilize

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has found immense success by adapting stories from Marvel Comics into its films. However, there are certain storylines that the MCU can no longer use. This is due to various reasons, such as the deaths or retirements of certain characters, the tone and nature of the MCU, and the lack of comic-accuracy for some heroes. Here are ten Marvel storylines that the MCU can no longer adapt.

One storyline that the MCU cannot use is “Bucky As Captain America.” While the mantle of Captain America has been shared by different characters in the comics, the MCU has already passed it to Sam Wilson, skipping over Bucky Barnes. Additionally, Bucky’s image isn’t clean enough to become Captain America after his time as the Winter Soldier.

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Another storyline, “Avengers Forever,” is also off-limits. This storyline involves Avengers from different time periods teaming up to fight Immortus. However, adapting this story would require rewriting established history and creating a version of Hank Pym that doesn’t exist in the MCU.

The MCU also cannot fully explore the “Demon In A Bottle” storyline, which focuses on Tony Stark’s alcoholism. While Iron Man 2 touched on this plot thread, it did not fully examine it, and Tony Stark’s death in Avengers: Endgame put an end to any further exploration.

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The “Thanos Wins” comic storyline is another that the MCU cannot adapt. This storyline follows Thanos traveling to the end of time, but the MCU version of Thanos has already been defeated by the Avengers multiple times.

“DoomQuest,” a story involving Iron Man and Doctor Doom being transported back in time, is impossible to adapt due to Tony Stark’s death and the continued absence of Doctor Doom in the MCU.

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“Civil War II,” a follow-up to Captain America: Civil War, would not work in the MCU due to Tony Stark’s death and other dead characters crucial to the story.

The romantic storyline between Daredevil and Black Widow can no longer be adapted in the MCU due to Black Widow’s death before Daredevil was introduced.

“The Dragon Seed Saga,” a story involving Iron Man teaming up with the Mandarin to stop Fin Fang Foom from destroying Earth, is off-limits due to Tony Stark’s death and the mishandling of the Mandarin character in Iron Man 3.

“Secret Empire,” a storyline where Captain America is revealed to be a Hydra sleeper agent, is practically unthinkable in the MCU, as it would sully the character’s name.

Finally, “Siege (Dark Reign),” which involves Norman Osborn leading an assault on Asgard, cannot be adapted in the MCU due to the absence of a native Norman Osborn, the change in Loki’s character, and the destruction of Asgard.

In conclusion, while the MCU has found success in adapting Marvel Comics’ stories, there are certain storylines it can no longer use due to various constraints.

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