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8 TV Spinoffs That Completely Shattered the Timeline of the Original Show

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TV spinoffs often make changes to canon in order to develop new storylines and characters, but these changes can sometimes divide fans. In the case of shows like Star Trek: Discovery and Young Sheldon, significant changes were made to the lore and storylines of their predecessors. Star Trek: Discovery redefined the franchise’s history with the introduction of new elements and alterations to existing ones, while Young Sheldon retconned important moments in the backstory of its main character.

On the other hand, Better Call Saul faced the challenge of aging actors but managed to stay true to Breaking Bad’s plot by carefully maintaining its prequel storyline. However, the issue of actors appearing older than they were in the original series could be jarring for viewers.

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In the case of Sam and Cat, a spinoff of iCarly and Victorious, the show inadvertently retconned a previously established meeting between its main characters, causing confusion among viewers.

The Mandalorian faced timeline inconsistencies that made it difficult to fit its events into the larger Star Wars chronology. Conflicting information from the showrunner and the studio further complicated matters.

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Roseanne’s revival created a complex retcon by undoing a major character’s death in order to continue the story. This retcon then led to the creation of the spinoff The Conners, where another major character was killed off. This spinoff contradicted canon from the beginning.

In the case of The Winchesters, a Supernatural spinoff, the backstory of the main characters’ parents was altered, creating a version of their story that existed in a different timeline. This made it challenging for viewers to invest in the new version.
Legacies, a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, frequently rewrote the canon of its predecessor, disregarding established rules and connections to facilitate new storylines. While this allowed for creative freedom, it also made the show feel quite different from its source material.

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Overall, while spinoffs often make changes to canon, it can be a delicate balance between creating something new and staying true to the original series. These changes can potentially divide fans and create inconsistencies within the larger franchise.

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