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8 Years On: 10 Lessons The MCU Fantastic Four Can Learn From The 2015 Film

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The upcoming Fantastic Four movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) must avoid repeating the mistakes made by the 2015 reboot. The 2015 film, which had a troubled production and received harsh reviews, failed to do justice to the iconic characters and their stories. The MCU’s Fantastic Four can learn several lessons from its predecessor to ensure a successful adaptation.

One of the primary lessons is that the MCU’s Fantastic Four cannot afford to fail Doctor Doom again. Throughout the various cinematic versions of the Fantastic Four, none of the portrayals of Doctor Doom have captured the essence of the character from the Marvel Comics. The 2015 film continued this trend with a disappointing take on Doctor Doom, lacking proper context and a personal history with Reed Richards.

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Additionally, the MCU’s Fantastic Four needs to have a different origin story than the Negative Zone version used in the 2015 film. While it is expected that the film will skip the heroes’ origin story, it should still address how they acquired their powers. However, using the Negative Zone origin, as seen in Marvel’s Ultimate Fantastic Four, would be too similar to the 2015 film and could disappoint audiences.

Having a clear and definitive vision for the movie is crucial for the MCU’s Fantastic Four. The creative clashes between the writer and director of the 2015 film resulted in a lack of cohesion and a vision mismatch. The MCU’s Fantastic Four needs to avoid these conflicts and ensure a cohesive and successful adaptation.

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Furthermore, the upcoming film should not save the Fantastic Four’s introduction as a team for the end. The 2015 film focused on the origin story for most of its runtime, leaving the actual formation of the Fantastic Four until the very end. The MCU’s Fantastic Four should deliver the superhero team early on to provide a definitive adaptation and not withhold too much for potential sequels.

Avoiding a world-ending event as the third act is another important lesson. The 2015 film spent most of its time exploring a mysterious dimension but ended with a generic battle on Earth. Instead, the Fantastic Four should showcase their intelligence and problem-solving abilities in the final act, providing a more engaging and unique climax.

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The signature costumes of the Fantastic Four should be present from the start. The 2015 film did not feature Fantastic Four costumes, instead opting for generic military gear that did not capture the essence of the characters. The MCU’s Fantastic Four should embrace the iconic superhero suits right from the beginning to stay true to their comic book origins.

Additionally, the Fantastic Four must venture into space. The cosmic scale of the Fantastic Four’s adventures has yet to be fully portrayed in live-action, including the 2015 film. The upcoming MCU reboot should explore the team’s space-based adventures, differentiating itself from previous adaptations and providing new and exciting storylines.

The film should feel big and like an event. The 2015 film felt self-contained and small, not fully incorporating the Fantastic Four’s interactions with the world around them. The MCU’s Fantastic Four should feel grand and impactful, setting the foundation for future MCU films and establishing the team as integral to the universe.

The Fantastic Four should be portrayed as adults, not college students. The 2015 film drew inspiration from Marvel’s Ultimate Fantastic Four, depicting younger versions of the characters. However, in a world where the Avengers already exist, the MCU’s Fantastic Four should be established adults, bringing their expertise and experience to the team.

Lastly, the Fantastic Four should fight as a team. The 2015 film lacked cohesive teamwork, with the characters rarely using their powers in a synchronized manner. The MCU’s Fantastic Four should showcase the team’s ability to work together and utilize their powers in a coordinated and strategic way.

By learning from the mistakes of the 2015 reboot, the MCU’s Fantastic Four has the potential to deliver a successful and faithful adaptation of the beloved superhero team. With a clear vision, proper character development, and exciting adventures, the MCU’s Fantastic Four can become an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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