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A Futuristic 007 Spinoff Quietly Teases Its Origin in James Bond’s No Time To Die Death Scene

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Daniel Craig’s final scene in “No Time To Die” sets up the potential for a 007 spinoff featuring Bond’s daughter, Mathilde Swann, in the future. This spinoff would offer a fresh take on the Bond franchise, with advanced technology, futuristic gadgets, and a changed social landscape. It would allow Amazon to explore both Bond’s existing realm and the potential for a new cast and tone in future Bond films.

Eon’s James Bond movies have always incorporated elements of futurism, introducing increasingly outlandish gadgets over the years. However, the closer the movies have gotten to sci-fi, the more backlash they have received. Daniel Craig’s era even stripped away Bond’s arsenal of gadgets entirely. A spinoff set in the future would provide the opportunity to fully embrace futuristic elements without alienating fans.

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With Amazon’s purchase of MGM and its co-ownership of the James Bond IP, speculation is rife that the franchise will expand through movie and TV spinoffs. While Eon has resisted the idea of Bond spinoffs in the past, the current landscape of streaming platforms and Amazon’s interest in Prime Video make it likely that some form of Bond-related spinoff will eventually happen. “No Time To Die” has laid the groundwork for this expansion.

The introduction of Mathilde Swann as Bond’s daughter in “No Time To Die” opens up the possibility for a spinoff centered around her. The film’s closing line, in which Madeleine Swann tells Mathilde about her heroic spy father, sets up the idea of a young girl raised on stories of Bond’s adventures. Whether by choice or circumstance, it seems inevitable that Mathilde will become a spy herself, following in her father’s footsteps.

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The most intriguing aspect of this spinoff idea is the futuristic time frame. Mathilde is 5 years old in “No Time To Die,” set in the early-mid 2020s. For a spinoff to work, she would need to be around 25-30 years old, pushing the timeline to the mid-2040s. This would allow for a story with futuristic gadgets, advanced digital threats, and a drastically changed social landscape.

A Mathilde Swann spinoff would serve as a clever way to continue the popular Daniel Craig continuity while also exploring new territory. The main Bond franchise can move forward with a new face and potentially even revisit the 1960s setting of Ian Fleming’s original books. Simultaneously, the spinoff can push Bond into the future and continue Craig’s legacy more directly. This would provide fans with two different spies under one umbrella, offering a mix of familiar elements and exciting new directions.

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In conclusion, “No Time To Die” has set the stage for a potential 007 spinoff featuring Bond’s daughter, Mathilde Swann, set in the future. This spinoff would allow for a fresh take on the franchise with futuristic elements while also exploring Bond’s existing realm. It offers the best of both worlds for fans of the Bond franchise and presents an exciting opportunity for Amazon and the future of the series.

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