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A Sneak Peek into Pokémon Horizons: Meet the Anime’s New Trainer in a 10-Minute Preview

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A new preview for Pokémon Horizons has been released, focusing on Liko, one of the anime’s two new protagonists. The ten-minute sneak peek introduces Liko, a soon-to-be trainer who plans to study Pokémon at the Indigo Academy in Kanto. Unlike the iconic Ash Ketchum, Liko is an introverted character who sometimes struggles to express her true feelings to others. She encounters similar difficulties with her partner Pokémon, Sprigatito, which runs away shortly after she receives it.

The preview was debuted at Pokémon’s first-ever San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) panel, titled “Pokémon: Bringing Iconic Animation to Global Audiences.” The panel discussed how the popular anime is localized from Japanese to English and other international versions. Fans at the event were treated to the first English-language trailer for Pokémon Horizons, as well as a trailer for Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys, the final part of Ash and Pikachu’s story. The release date for Pokémon Horizons has not yet been announced.

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Liko is joined on her quest by Roy, another aspiring trainer who sets out to uncover the mystery behind an ancient Pokéball. Liko possesses a unique glowing pendant that appears to be of interest to a Pokémon organization called Team Explorers, possibly replacing Team Rocket. The pair is assisted by Professor Friede, an ambitious researcher who travels in an airship with his partner, Captain Pikachu.

In addition to showcasing the Pokémon Horizons preview, SDCC 2023 also featured booths from Pokémon’s licensing and publishing partners. Jazwares previewed upcoming Pokémon collectibles, Insight Editions promoted its Pokémon Baking Book, and Mattel and Bandai Namco offered exclusive Pokémon merchandise.

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While waiting for Pokémon Horizons’ international premiere, fans can watch Pokémon Journeys and Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys on Netflix.

Overall, this preview introduces Liko and highlights her journey as a Pokémon trainer. It provides a glimpse into the upcoming Pokémon Horizons series and teases the new characters, storyline, and potential conflicts with Team Explorers. The SDCC panel and booths allowed fans to further engage with the Pokémon franchise and explore upcoming merchandise and publications.

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