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Addressing the Changes in Netflix’s Live-Action Adaptation: One Piece Creator Speaks Out

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Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, recently addressed fans about the upcoming live-action adaptation of the series on Netflix. In a statement released on the official One Piece Netflix Twitter account, Oda expressed his excitement for the recently released trailer and the upcoming August release date. He reassured fans that there were no compromises on the show and acknowledged that not everything from the original manga would make it into the Netflix series.

Oda mentioned that after the show launches, he expects fans to point out missing characters, omitted scenes, and differences from the manga. However, he stated that he will enjoy even those comments, as he knows they will come from a place of love. He revealed that the story will span eight episodes and cover a significant arc from the manga.

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In a second statement, Oda discussed the production process of the One Piece live-action adaptation. He revealed that numerous scenes had to be re-shot after production because the crew believed the initial takes were not good enough. Oda also mentioned that he was initially doubtful about certain lines that didn’t match Monkey D. Luffy’s character on paper but changed his mind after seeing the actor, Iñaki Godoy, perform them in person. Additionally, efforts were made to ensure that the cartoony world of One Piece didn’t look unnatural in live-action.

While it is unclear which scenes or characters from the manga will be omitted in the Netflix series, the recent trailer hinted at what will be included. A cameo from Mr. 7, a character from the Arabasta arc, suggests that the Netflix staff is planning to cover the entire series. The trailer also teased moments from the Arlong Park arc, including Nami’s cry for help to Luffy.

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There have been reports suggesting that actor Dean Damonse will play the role of Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father, on the show. Despite Damonse being younger than the character he is rumored to play, fans speculate that this casting choice indicates the Netflix staff’s long-term plans for the series.

The live-action version of One Piece will premiere on Netflix on August 31st. Fans can look forward to seeing their favorite scenes and characters brought to life in this highly anticipated adaptation.

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