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Amazon Executive Hints At Spinoff Plans for The Summer I Turned Pretty

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Amazon’s head of TV, Vernon Sanders, has expressed excitement about the success of The Summer I Turned Pretty and plans to expand the show with additional content. The author and creator of the series, Jenny Han, has further hinted at potential surprises and developments beyond season 3. This news comes as a surprise to viewers, who may have expected the series to conclude with its third season.

Possibility of Spinning off “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

The Summer I Turned Pretty follows the story of Belly Conklin, a high school student who spends summers at Cousins Beach with the Fisher family. Belly finds herself in a love triangle between Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher and tries to balance her friendships and her own feelings.

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In an interview with Deadline, Sanders discussed the success of season 2, particularly among the female demographic aged 18-34. He sees the show as a “defining show” for this audience and wants to expand it with complementary pieces. Han already has upcoming projects beyond season 3. Sanders stated that the show would continue to be a centerpiece for Amazon and expressed excitement about Han’s vision for the future.

A potential spinoff could explore the college years of Belly’s mother, Laurel, and Susannah Fisher, offering new storylines and perspectives. While the parents in the show have not received as much screen time as the younger characters, the friendship between Laurel and Susannah has grounded the series. A spinoff could delve into their past and shed light on their experiences during college.

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As the series draws closer to the end of its source material with the adaptation of Han’s novel We’ll Always Have Summer in season 3, the future direction of The Summer I Turned Pretty remains uncertain. However, the potential for a spinoff has given viewers hope that the story will continue beyond season 3.

It is unclear when season 3 will be released, as production may be delayed due to ongoing industry strikes. However, fans eagerly await the conclusion of the current season and the potential for more content in the future.

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