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Anime Adaptation of One Piece Creator’s One-Shot Monsters Induces Fright

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Monsters, a one-shot manga by Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, will be adapted into an anime. The announcement was made at the One Piece Day 2023 event, and it was revealed that the anime will be directed by Sunghoo Park, the director behind Jujutsu Kaisen. Park is also credited as the series composer. The anime adaptation will be produced at Park’s animation studio, E&H Production, and will be the length of one episode.

Monsters was originally published in the Shonen Jump Autumn Special in 1994. The story follows a legendary samurai named Shimotsuki Ryuma who becomes involved in a plot surrounding a stolen magical dragon horn. Ryuma is a familiar character to One Piece fans, as he played a key role in the Thriller Bark story arc. In the anime, Ryuma’s corpse is reanimated and defeated by Roronoa Zoro, who acquires Ryuma’s katana, the “Black Blade” Shusui.

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The announcement of the Monsters anime is just one of the many exciting announcements from One Piece Day 2023. The event, which is being streamed on YouTube with English subtitles for the first time, has garnered both joy and criticism from fans. Netflix also released a full trailer for its live-action adaptation of One Piece at San Diego Comic-Con, giving fans a better look at how the world of One Piece is being adapted into live-action.

While the release date for the Monsters anime has not been announced yet, fans can look forward to more One Piece content in the near future, including the live-action series set to premiere on August 31st on Netflix. Overall, it’s an exciting time for One Piece fans as they can expect to see more of their favorite characters and stories come to life in different mediums.

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