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Anime Movie Sequel of Popular BL Series “Given” Announced After Manga Conclusion

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Fans of the musical BL series and anime Given received bittersweet news this month. After a successful 10-year run, author and illustrator Natsuki Kizu announced that the manga series would reach its conclusion with the final chapter on March 30th. However, fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that the end of the manga would not be the end of the Given story. A movie sequel featuring the beloved characters was confirmed shortly before the manga’s official end.

The official Given Twitter account released a teaser PV on March 22nd, featuring music from the movie and stills of the band members. Although the video is not a full-length story trailer, it generated excitement among fans, especially considering the timing of the announcement so close to the manga’s final chapter. Given’s animated adaptations have been known for producing incredible music, so a musical teaser was the perfect way to introduce the movie.

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Given has been a popular manga since 2013, with various adaptations including audio dramas, an anime series, a live-action adaptation, and an animated film. As one of Japan’s most successful boy’s love titles and one of the first LGBTQ+ anime to air on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block, Given has become a staple in the genre. The story follows an amateur band of male students, exploring themes of music, relationships, love, and overcoming the past. The series primarily focuses on two main relationships: Ritsuka and Mafuyu’s bond through music, and Haruki and Akihiko’s evolving relationship. Throughout the story and its adaptations, the characters grow and rediscover their passions.

The movie sequel will deviate from the main romances of the anime and spotlight two side characters: Hiiragi Kashima and Yagi Shizusumi. These childhood friends of Mafuyu play significant roles in the original story but have never had their relationship animated before. While the main characters will still appear, the focus of the movie will be on the childhood relationships between the characters rather than their future as bandmates. Given’s movie sequel is expected to be equally heartfelt as the previous film, so fans should prepare themselves with tissues.

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Although the manga and movie sequel mark the end of Given as fans know it, there is hope for more content in the future. The author hinted at an important announcement in the final chapter of the series, suggesting that there may be more stories to come. In the meantime, new fans can catch up with Given by watching the anime and the first animated movie on Crunchyroll.

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