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Below Deck Down Under Bosun’s Girlfriend Defends Him Against Sexual Misconduct Allegations: ‘He Was Just Playing a Role’

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An episode of Below Deck Down Under aired a shocking scene in which a crew member climbed into a female stewardess’ bed without consent while she was passed out drunk. The production immediately intervened and fired the offending crew member along with another stewardess who defended his actions. However, the girlfriend of the guilty party has jumped in to defend his behavior, claiming it was just acting for the TV show and not real life. This defense is criticized, as the show is a reality show with no scripted scenes, and the people involved are not actors. It is emphasized that the behavior displayed is not acceptable and that victims of sexual assault can seek support from national hotlines. The girlfriend’s response is questioned, with some speculating if she has been brainwashed by the guilty party.

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