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Celebrities We’d Love to Watch on Bravo’s Exciting New Series, Couch Talk

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Bravo’s new show, Couch Talk, featuring Kate Chastain and Captain Lee Rosbach, is set to provide commentary on the biggest Bravo moments. The show is expected to have a comedic tone, as both Kate and Captain Lee have a humorous and snarky personality. As long-time Below Deck fans, viewers are excited to see their favorite quotes and shareable memes continue in this new series.

If Couch Talk decides to bring on guests, it is suggested that these personalities should match the humorous tone of Kate and Captain Lee. One potential guest star mentioned is Candiace Dillard Bassett from Real Housewives of Potomac. She is known for her funny one-liners and has shown interest in other Bravo series, making her a great fit for Couch Talk.

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Tamra Judge from Real Housewives of Orange County is another potential guest star choice. Her strong opinions and ability to stir up drama would work well for a commentary-style show like Couch Talk. While Tamra and Kate may get along famously, Captain Lee might find himself exhausted as the two energetic personalities would create chaos.

Jeff Lewis, known for his dry humor and ability to poke fun at life, would also make an excellent guest star. With his own radio channel on Sirius XM, Jeff is up to date on current events and has previously interviewed Bravo stars. His comedic presence would add another layer of entertainment to Couch Talk.

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Quad Webb from Married to Medicine is suggested as a potential guest star due to her ability to bring entertainment to her series. Her word usages and sarcastic quips align well with Captain Lee’s humor, and seeing these two Bravo stars comment on their peers would be comedy gold for Couch Talk.

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is already friends with Kate, and their shared sense of humor and openness to speak their minds would translate well to Couch Talk. Brandi’s frank talk and polarizing personality would make for great television.

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James Kennedy, despite his problematic history, has a knack for delivering cutting remarks on Vanderpump Rules. His opinions and takes on various Bravo topics would be both cutting and hysterical, making him a desirable guest for Couch Talk.

Adding some calmness to the show, Southern Charm’s matriarch Patricia Altschul is suggested as a guest star. Her refined presence and Southern manners would provide a different dynamic for Captain Lee to endure, and her commentary would be both entertaining and insightful.

Overall, fans of Bravo are excited for Couch Talk and the potential guest stars it may bring. With the comedic and snarky personalities of Kate and Captain Lee leading the show, viewers can expect witty commentary and hilarious moments from this new series.

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