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Challenging Experiences on High-Energy Below Deck Charters

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The Below Deck series, known for its mix of alcohol, sun, and larger-than-life personalities, has entertained viewers since 2013. While most charter guests enjoy their vacation and engage in harmless antics, it is the crew members who often provide the dramatic storylines. However, there are occasions when guests let loose and their wild vacations make them either loved or notorious.

One memorable moment came in Below Deck Season 8, when Delores, a clearly intoxicated guest, invited Captain Lee Rosbach to dinner. She began burping and stammering, causing Captain Lee to jokingly leave the room. Delores then decided to go for a swim despite Captain Lee’s objections. She swam far away and even asked for bacon. This resulted in Captain Lee ending her charter and having her removed from the yacht.

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In Below Deck Down Under’s Season 2 premiere, Brandon and Kristyl were not ready to end their partying for the night. While the rest of their group went to their cabins, the intoxicated duo asked a crew member for permission to go for a night swim. The crew member denied their request, but they decided to hide their actions and jumped into the ocean. This led to a scolding from another crew member and a warning from Captain Jason Chambers. The next morning, Brandon apologized and their charter continued.

In Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1, Richie and his friends from Long Island proved to be a handful. They partied until the early hours of the morning, constantly needing drinks and food. One of the guests even smoked indoors, setting off the fire alarm. Captain Glenn Shephard had to clean up the mess and the partying continued the next day. They eventually left, leaving behind a trail of chaos and broken glass.

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During Below Deck Season 1, a second stew named Kat Held discovered a white powder resembling cocaine in a guest’s bathroom. Captain Lee, who had personal experience with addiction due to his son’s struggles, immediately addressed the situation. The charter was ended and no refunds were given.

Overall, these guests exemplify the hard-partying nature of the Below Deck franchise. Their antics, while entertaining for viewers, often result in consequences such as getting kicked off the yacht or ending the charter. Nonetheless, their wild adventures make for captivating television.

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